Cart rules bug 1.0.3

  • I am creating 3 cart rules.

    1. Discount 5% on all orders over 10eur with priority 3
    2. Discount 10% on all orders over 20eur with priority 2
    3. Discount 15% on all orders over 100eur with priority 1

    So basically when a customer reaches 10 euro total receives 5% discount, when the total value reaches 20 euro receives 10% and over 100 euro 15%.
    It works as it is supposed but the discount isn’t calculated as it should.

    Example: if a product costs 7 euro and the customer has 2 pieces in the cart the discount applied is 5% which is correct. But when the customer add 3 products x 7 euro the overall value becomes 21 euro and still only 5% discount is applied because the order total is 19.95 euro (21-5%=19.95 euro). The algorithm should look for the total products value when calculates the discount not the total order value. When another product is added than the correct discount is applied because the total order value becomes over 20 euro which is set in the cart rules.

    I am testing on thirty bees 1.0.3

    It would be nice if the bug is solved in the next version.

  • Have you set cart rule conditions too “Tax Included” ?

  • You are tha man @Kleijn36 !
    edit: I wish I could make the topic solved 🙂


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