Why so few paid modules on TB marketplace?

  • I am just wondering why there are only three paid modules on TB marketplace at the moment?
    A lot of popular module developers have joined the partner programme, so why aren’t their modules on the marketplace?

    Unfortunately people new to Thirty Bees could easily get the impression that there are only a very limited selection of modules available for TB, which of course couldn’t be further from the truth. But in order to attract people to the platform, this is definitely a potential conversion killer!

    On a more personal level, I just hate it when I am forced to buy a module through Prestashop’s marketplace - knowing that a huge part of my payment will go into Prestashop’s pockets a not the developer’s 😞

  • That’s funny, I wasn’t even aware that tb store accepts paid modules already.

    I couldn’t find any information about this anywhere, though. I have no idea what the rules are - what’s the commission rate, when and how can seller withdraw money, etc… @lesley could you shed some light into this?

  • We have started accepting paid modules about a month ago as a beta to make sure all the payment systems are running. Basically the commision rate is we take 20% and payout monthly.

    There seems to be about 20 paid modules on the store now, they are just spread out in different categories.

  • Please ad more modules populair modules like @nemo Ps Seo booter and My Preta Prestashop Seo Redirects 301, 302, 303 too the store if they 100% TB compatible. I will by them but the commission must go to TB and not to PS. My shop is not running on TB and not on PS.

  • Why would you buy modules, if you dont run TB or PS? If your point is to contribute to the TB team, become a Patron. 😃

  • @SLiCK_303 Sorry miss type, my active shop already runs on TB and “yes” i’am one of the 19 rare patrons with a monthly payments.

  • @Kleijn36 I thought your shop looked like it was on TB. I’m glad we are both Patrons, I wish more people would sign up for it. That would let @mdekker work full time on this project, and get things done MUCH faster.

  • @SLiCK_303 We have to be realistic about the patreon thing. With the current state to have a 5000 patreon funding we will need 678 more patreons. Difficult…

  • @nickon maybe the 687 want to wait for the 1.0.4 😊

  • Hi,
    Like many markets, it takes time to present the products and as the potential of buyers is very limited, this marketplace is going after others in the online modules.
    I make the effort to test my modules on TB and indicate it on the product page of my site, but I do not know if my buyers on my site uses TB or PS.
    This palce of market can not and especially should not have as many products as the official of PS because it would always be as detrimental to the people presenting their modules but disappearing in bottom of classification.
    It has been several weeks since I have products on TB and not a single sale, so I will try to add new ones to bring about these first sales.

  • Sure, not so much like in PS, but there should be a good offer. From the customer point of view, I want to see that there are a rich environment and a lot of options. Only a few give the impression that it could be a short-term project. All compatible modules should be in the marketplace. Having them on their creator web with just a compatibility seal, will not make people find it and show a rich environment to those that arrive here.

  • You have to realize that creating a presentation sheet of a module takes almost a week (in addition to working daily) to make screenshots specific to the solution, unique texts to avoid duplicate content, even create a demonstration specific to TB.
    In addition, stupidly, every time I take a module, I enjoy improving the code or approter functionalities supplementaires … in the end the least set of module online TB requires a lot of time, it is so difficult to quickly put all my modules on the platform.

  • mmmm i did not know there is so much work, but anyway I think all this is not necessary in TB. Most of the modules of TB marketplace do not have any of this. Live site demo? It seems the most difficult but it is not mandatory. Screenshots? Not difficult to do I think. Making unique text and content. Not necessary neither.I am sure TB will not be discovered via google (it is more a moth to mouth and forums) so SEO is not important yet IMHO.

  • Ok, i understand, i make my best to put quickly more modules and make optimizations after.


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