Localization Pack German (de)

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  • Wow that was quick ! Thanks (even thou I don’t need it), very well done sir.

  • How do you install a bin-file?

  • To all those in the German market, thirtybees could use your help to make sure thirtybees is compliant with all of Germany’s unique ecommerce laws and your needs! Just saw they posted this, try to help them out if you can, it is for you… 🙂 https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/17/german-support-for-thirty-bees

  • Great job gwasch! I plan to start German shop in near future but I don’t know a word in German. I plan to hire people for the job but your translations are excellent start point! I saw you are from Austria and you are familiar with German online market. Which means you should be familiar with the laws also. Please support the community by participating in that topic Lesley just posted: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/17/german-support-for-thirty-bees
    Thanks once again for your translations!

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Good job, but you should know that parts of my translations you use here are outdated. And btw menu tabs (Tabs.php) are missing. AEUC translations are fragmentary.
    Would be helpful to grant upload permission at Github.

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  • @gwasch said in Localization Pack German (de):

    backend Menu tabs are in database and can not be translated through PrestaShop Backoffice. Used many translations from original PrestaShop 1.6 Version (where possible), but also improved a lot of translations.

    I wasn’t talking about the Back Office translation functions. Due to a bug in 1.6.1x newer releases tabs cannot be imported/exported though the file is still part of the translations offered at the PS download page.

    AEUC was and is fragmentary. Moreover there are some differences between German law and Austrian Law and permanent legal changes - so you can’t use any module out of the box…

    1. I’m sorry, but AEUC is fully translated. You should trust me because I’m the proof reader for the German translations. 🙂
    2. And as far as I know AEUC is ready for Austria, too. There are no permanent legal changes. AEUC complies to the Richtlinie 2011/83/EU, which means to the German Verbraucherrechterichtlinie (VRRL) as well as to the Austrian Verbraucherrechte-Richtlinie-Umsetzungsgesetz (VRUG). Or can you provide different informations about these permanent legal changes you assume?

  • Sorry. Didn’t mean AEUC is bad translated or something like this. I work daily with it.
    But i never had an austrian shop where i had nothing to do to be legal save.

    Differences are how the single countrys interpret the eu regulations.

    You have the difference between EU Law and EU regulation (Richtlinie). I hope the following is understandable to read…
    Law = EU says something. Every Member country has to do it like this.
    Regulation: Every EU Member has to implement this in it’s law. But how they interpret it is different.

    For example: In Germany there is a “Widerrufsrecht” (revocation / Cancellation). In Austria it is called “Rücktrittsrecht”. If an austrian shop owner writes “Rücktrittsrecht” in his legal terms: The german customer is not informed about his “Widerrufsrecht”. (Maybe it was too easy to call it “Widerrufsrecht” in Austria or one of our politicians said “No, we can’t have the same word for the same thing as the germans” – Sarcasm END)

    To be absolutely legal save In Austria you also have to set 2 agree buttons in checkout: One for the Terms and one for the Cancellation (relatively new).
    In German Shops: one can write “I agree to the terms and cancellation”.

    In Germany you have to provide one free payment method. The Austrian Law says: Every payment method has to be free And yes i had a customer who ignored this and got mail by a lawyer - he paid a few hundred Euro because the lawyer was “nice” and only let him pay his (unwanted) consultings - because he made him aware, that he is not allowed to have the payment method “cash on delivery with fees”.
    (After that we made a special carrier for cash with fees. Now the consumer pays for the shipping not for the payment method - and that’s allowed)

    That’s because the austrian and the german interpreted regulations different.

    Rarely anybody knows this small differences and much less integrate this correct in their shops. The most Lawyers still don’t know the differences. I’m also knowing some of these things only because i made a Seminar about Legal Compliance last week. Also Trusted Shops says nothing if you don’t have 2 Buttons in your shop 😉
    So my Source: WKO (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich) Lawyer - specialized in E-Commerce between Austria and Germany.

    You often have to look at very small differences which sometimes make a big change. Most of them are hardly (or not) logical to understand.

    And in some cases there are differences between Spelling in Germany and Austria:
    Rücktrittsrecht vs. Widerrufsrecht
    Kasse vs. Kassa
    Tomaten vs. Paradeiser
    Konfitüre vs. Marmelade
    Quark vs. Topfen

    So at the end i close my speech and say thanks to our politics. They make such discussions possible. 😅

  • Gwasch thanks for your offer. I will consider it after all I read about the regulations. But please share your knowledge in that topic which was posted above by me and twistcapmedia.

  • I am not be able to install the German language, it says the following error:

    ISO CODE invalid “1487344795421-de.zip” for the following file: “1487344795421-de.zip”

    (i used the file above and create a .zip from the .bin file)

  • How do you create a gz from a bin?

  • How do you make a gzip from a bin?

  • I downloaded it, i rename the file to de.gzip
    The upload works now but i geht this error:
    Validation failed for: modules/authorizeaim/translations/de.php
    Validation failed for: modules/paypal/translations/de.php
    Validation failed for: modules/stripe/translations/de.php

  • so there is no solution for this problem? also Gwasch has deleted his file… hmmm?

  • Who is the copyright holder that does not want it included?

  • I installed the German localization pack and would like to help improve it. What’s the best way to work on the localization file itself (so not in the backend of TB)?

  • Help using the Crowdin platform https://crowdin.com/ Sign up and mdekker will assign you as translator/proofreader. All help is appreciated


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