Localization Pack German (de)

  • You can do them on our Crowdin project. https://crowdin.com/project/thirty-bees Let me know if you have any questions.

  • @marci123 said in Localization Pack German (de):

    I would love to make some amendments to the German language pack (for example: Employees is translated as “Benutzerrechte” which means “user rights”). The same wrong translations shows up in prestashop. I know I can change it in my own backend but it might be confusing for newbies who are looking for the employees and don’t find the menu item. Where can I make some suggestions for a better translation?

    98% of the current TB English source is genuine PrestaShop, unfortunately a in some parts outdated translation ( we’re working on improvements). But currently (minimum since 3 month) the menu item employees is translated as Mitarbeiter, which is correct.

    Du hast leider wohl schon eine Weile die Sprache nicht mehr aktualisiert, denn die “Benutzerrechte” gibt es weder in Prestashop noch in thirty bees mehr. Das war ein kurzzeitiger Fehler, den ich zu verantworten hatte, ist aber schon gut ein halbes Jahr her. Das hing mit Prestashop 1.7 zusammen, wo sich die Menüstruktur geändert hatte. Kann sein, dass thirty bees in der ersten Version auf einen veralteten Sprachbestand aus dem Crowdin-Archiv zurückgegriffen hat.
    Wenn du bei Crowdin mitmachen willst, solltest du dir aber darüber im Klaren sein, dass ein Großteil des Sourcecodes von Leuten verfasst wurde, die das Englische nicht sonderlich gut beherrschten. Du solltest also die Fehler, Ungereimtheiten, sprachlichen Missgriffe und irreführenden Begriffe immer erst im jeweiligen Kontext prüfen, bevor du sie übersetzt.

  • 98% of the current TB English source is genuine PrestaShop, unfortunately a in some parts outdated translation ( we’re working on improvements). But currently (minimum since 3 month) the menu item employees is translated as Mitarbeiter, which is correct.

    Yes I saw this on crowdin :-), in my thritybees install there was still the old language file.

    I did some tests with the former thirty bees version to see if the beesblog module would work with the former version. This could be the reason why my language file is not up to date.

  • Funny language mix, eh? As this is an english section of the forum, let me translate the last paragraph:

    If you want to participate at Crowdin, you should recognize that most of the source code was written by people being not exactly excellent in English. You should review any errors, misalignments, mistakes and misleading words in their context before translating them.

    My answer: looking at the context is always a good idea, no matter how well code writers know English. Because many words have different meanings depending on this context, in any language. And often this context helps a lot to find better sentences than just direct translations. German can be very elegant when not translating words, but meanings.

  • Crowdin can assist the user to find the context, given the translation section is well configured. )Ok, I know where to find it, but I have the advantage that I’m dealing with this translation for years.) There is still need for some improvement to help newbies to easier grasp the context. Crowdin provides some sophisticated variables, but the admin has to use them.

  • Since Employees has already been translated correctly I have made a suggestion to change “Standardsprache im Backoffice verwenden” to “Mitgliedern die Auswahl einer Sprache erlauben” because I think “Standardsprache verwenden” can be misleading since it sounds as if it is “one language for all” if it is changed. The original is “allow employees to select a specific language for the admin panel” says that each user may change their language. I think “use default language?” doesn’t sound as if each user may change their language. Just my 2 cents …

  • Though it is quite common I hate this term Standardsprache. And in this special case you are right, the current translation is misleading. I did not follow exactly your proposal and btw changed not only the hint, but the field item too. Hope this is OK for you:

    Memorize the language used in Admin panel forms --> Spracheinstellung des Back Office merken
    Allow employees to select a specific language for the Admin panel form. --> Mitarbeiter dürfen eine andere Sprache für das Back Office wählen.

    Anyway, the source text is … worthy of improvement.

  • What’s the status of the German translations on CrowdIn? @eleazar Is it just needing to approve now because you uploaded everything already?

  • I’m not sure if all modules are really up to date. I checked some of them already but currently my leisure time is limited. And there is a lot of translations (concerning PS Addons e.g.) that were ok for PS but are currently wrong or unnecessary for thirty bees.

  • I made some revisions in comparison to the original PrestaShop translation. The German localization pack is now completed und 100% approved. 🙂
    Hope it will be available soon - in any case you can download it directly from Crowdin.
    Please test it and give us a feedback, if there’s still something wrong or in need of improvement.


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