Suggestion to generate more income for TB

  • I really like TB and really would like to see TB succeed as a project.
    However , there is still the problem for @mdekker and @lesley of devoting time to TB and making a living.
    I already made a suggestion about crowdfunding and I still believe this would be a viable option.
    Now I would like to make another suggestion.

    I downloaded some great free modules that were made by @wakabayashi @SLiCK_303 and @datakick. I also bought the very advanced module of @datakick .
    Some of these module are so advanced that I have trouble configuring them and get the most out of them. So I thought:
    Why don’t these developer create video tutorials in which they explain and show in depth how to configure and use these modules?
    This would be paid tutorials that could be hosted here in the TB site and TB would receive a percentage of the revenues.
    I think this would be a win-win-win situation.
    The developers receive money for there hard work, TB would receive money and I as a customer would receive and advanced in depth tutorial .
    What do you think of the idea?

  • Actually I dont have any time to produce something like that. And to be honest, it wouldn’t be worth the time. My free module was downloaded maybe from 5 people and this after I spent like 6 weeks to code it. The TB plattform is just a way too small to take any money out if it.

  • @wakabayashi sorry to hear that is downloaded that little. I downloaded it yesterday or so. Now I’m figuring out all the possibilities. Thank you for the great module !

  • @vincentdenkspel yeah unfortunately thats the sad reality. Right now I can’t imagine a user based way, which leads to any serious cash flow.

  • @wakabayashi I will definitely use your module once I run a tb store. I find it very useful and I’m sure it’s not just me. I’m following the progress of the module and I’m aware of it’s capabilities. Thanks for your and slick’s time spent developing it!

  • Hi,

    Let’s face the truth.
    TB can not make money at this time. This is a hard fact.
    Not because it is not good but it just too young. And money should not be the goal right now anyway. Bringing ppl onboard should be.
    Asking for ppl money is difficult for a product that has not all things in place yet. So think out of the box.
    I have said it before and I will say it again. There is big communication gab here. @lesley and @mdekker are not too open to the community. Talk to the community. Use a twitter account and just say a goodmoring.
    Developers are commiting code and deleted with no explanation. The explanation came later on this forum as not fit. It is OK for a code not to be fit but why did the guy not know it during the rejection?
    Too much emphasis is giving as a ps fork. Currenty TB has stopped because the migration module need to be recoded. Not all merchant will need to upgrade from ps.
    Some just need a good platfrom. TB is a good platform. Put 1.0.4 out and state with big bold letters that this version is only for new eshops. You will win time with this, ppl will start using it reporting bug etc. When the migration tool is ready release a minor version with all fixes and mirgrator included.
    The migration module and other modules: Just ask for help from ppl that care.
    Even one line of code would help the module finish quicker.
    Create task: @lesley create task. Big and small. Let anyone who can help, help. Not every improvment needs to be in the core. Create small or big modules. Or let the community create them. I hear ppl need a better OPC page. This can be a module. I am sure that some merchants will put a donantion in for such a module.
    Ask the community what it needs. Editing orders in the BO? Great! maybe someone can code it someone may donate. Most modules should also work on PS. Let the developer or TB charge for that change. If ppl can’t donate money let them donate time. The less time @lesley or @mdekker spend on secondary task the more time they will have for the core or other things that need to be done with tb.

    Just my 2c

  • Agree. Not in doing free modules (it is already a complete solution) but to focus on attracting people. TB is toooo young, it is normal not to have income. My project has generated almost 0 in 2 years (only crowdfunding and I did not even get the money yet) and I will not generate enough AT LEAST until October. That is completely normal (and we are more than 6 people full time).
    Communication is another key. When I met TB communication was much better, that attract my attention and I migrated this week because I had that image. To be honest, If I would have known TB just this week, I never would have migrated.
    Do you need developers? ask the community for help. I am sure some people could help. Answer daily and show you very active also on twitter. SHow people you are very alive. Do not say ONLY we have corrected 2000 bugs. Specify the most irritating PS bugs that you have corrected.
    Do you need money? some people we gave you some ideas to get some (marketplace is not only to earn money but to show developers that they can earn money here too) but If you need more: look for investors. If the community is active and the project seems growing you can attract them.

  • @nickon said in Suggestion to generate more income for TB:

    Too much emphasis is giving as a ps fork.

    I disagree with this statement. I think it’s very unlikely that new merchants will choose thirtybees over prestashop.

    First of all, they will not discover it at all, as there isn’t any marketing in place. And even if they come across 30bz, why should they choose it? It’s a new player, with very small community, and no guarantee it will be here for upcoming years. And I also agree with @rubben1985 's
    post about landing page not selling benefits enough.

    On the other hand, there is a huge crowd of ps16 merchants who are reluctant with migrating to ps17. And I think attracting this crowd is a key to success.

    Unfortunately I don’t think 30bz is doing a good job here. Here’s my 2 cents

    1. stop talking about 1.1.x version. In fact, drop this from roadmap completely. ps16 users don’t want to migrate to ps17. Why should they migrate to thirtybees if there’s a vision of yet another, potentially hazardous, migration ahead? Why would anyone think tb 1.1.x will be better than ps17? We should focus on stabilizing 16, and that’s it. Give merchants some piece of mind.

    2. don’t force merchants to migrate to 30bz. This is strange, but I think it’s important point. For example, all modules for 30bz are not compatible with ps16. Why? Why not make them ps16 compatible, and use them for marketing purpose? Make them available for free on prestashop forum, and lightly mention it’s primarily made by, and for, thirtybees. Merchants running 16 stores will be happy to see there’s still someone investing in creating modules for their version of software. For many of them, this will be the first time they actually hear about 30bz project. And when the time for migration comes, there will be bigger chance they will decide for 30bz instead of ps17.

    3. make an EQUAL sign between ps16 and thirtybees, and officially provide support for both platforms. Obviously, solution for many support requests by ps16 users will be to upgrade to 30bz. Most important is that ps16 users has to know that they can seek help on this forum if in trouble. I’m sure they’ll fell in love with the community shortly. Also, if they are looking for ps16 module, they should think about thirtybees store first.

    4. provide frictionless upgrade service. If the ps16 merchant decide to migrate, they mustn’t encounter any bug or issue. Period. In fact, I’m thinking about providing this service myself…

    I think we should focus on building community around the idea of thirtybees. The actual numbers of stores running thirtybees is not important at all. The installations themselves do not generate any money. But the community can, and will.

  • Points 2 and 3 of @datakick are gold from a marketing point of view.

    That is how most of the people actually meet TB. Make them love the community. Show them how if they have any doubt they will find a solution here, even for PS. Forget about telling them there will be a future NON compatible version. IF later the transition is good, they will see as normal.

    Attract them, and show them why they are better here.

    I also told before about looking for an investor. Another option is giving a piece of the project to a marketing expert. He/she will not give you money, but it will give you marketing workforce for free (better having less of a big project than all from a small one)

  • Another idea, A good one:
    Free marketplace for all developers (like sunnytoo and his TB panda them). How much money are you doing now anyway? Create a big marketplace. I suppose most of developpers would accept to have a free place to sell.

    This big marketplace+big community (with all the advices given in the different topic) will make grow the project. Monetize marketplace later. Services can provide money until then if you need some income.

  • Also maybe TB can implement some sort of sponsorship program (e.g. bronze, zilver, gold). The sonsors would hire @mdekker and @lesley the create a module that integrates his service with TB. I’m thinking of payment service providers and shipping service providers.
    Let’s say such a module would cost a X amount of money.
    An bronze sponsor would pay 1,5 . X , a silver sponser 2,0. X and a gold sponsor 2,5 . X. The extra money is for devoting time to TB.
    In return the the sponsers do not only get a great modules but additonal ‘perks’. For example a bronze sponser would get a permanent logo on the TB site, a silver sponsor his logo + blogpost and a gold sponsor logo + blogpost + ??

  • An other big opportunity is the GDPR. From what I have read from the ps forums, ps has not totally figured out how to do this. they are talking about modules etc but it seems to me a half solution. @lesley has said that all this is implentended in 1.0.4. Since the GDPR will start at may. It is a great selling point to have european merchants covered by TB while is PS is not sure.
    But then we need the migrator… damn!

  • @rubben1985 said in Suggestion to generate more income for TB:

    Another idea, A good one:
    Free marketplace for all developers (like sunnytoo and his TB panda them). How much money are you doing now anyway? Create a big marketplace. I suppose most of developpers would accept to have a free place to sell.

    This big marketplace+big community (with all the advices given in the different topic) will make grow the project. Monetize marketplace later. Services can provide money until then if you need some income.


    This is something that is lacking prestashop… a marketplace DIRECTLY connected to the community. Take a look here:

    this is the marketplace of xenforo platform… if you go inside a resource you can see what I’m talking about: written reviews and not only “stars”, a thread connected to the resource where talking about the addon, getting a little of community support and asking public question to the developper.

    I think a thing like that can be a killer application for growing the thirtybees community… and this is why I asked for a bridge/connection between thirtybees and xenforo (IMHO the better forum out there). MANY forum admins with large forums are struggling to connect xenforo to a FULL e-commerce script and TB can really benefit from this.


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