Product combination price and weight settings in general and CVS file.

  • Product combination price and weight settings in the CVS file are a pain in the ass.
    The wholesales offers their product prices and weights for the combination products, but you have them manualy recalculated to a amount of the major product. Is that possible to change this in general product combinations?

  • Not sure I fully understand what you are looking for, but maybe our module will help:

    We also plan to extend it to work outside of one product boundaries, currently you can mass edit/set combination values for one product at a time. So if you have lots of combinations per product that might help.

  • Well innercode,
    the problem are that you have to calculate manualy the price and weight differences of the combination products and put the price and weight difference in the field.
    I prefere that you can put simple the price of the combination product in that field. Now you have one by one calculate the price difference and that are no option to do.
    When you use the product combination CVS, the price and weight fields from you supplier are there and you have just to link these with the correspondend fields in you CVS.

  • The easiest way for this is this: set price 0 for products which have combinations, then after import you automatically get the right prices, no need to recalculate.

  • When you import this, you have then de same price from the main product on the combination products, thats not a solution, when the price and weight are different from the main product price/weight.

  • Except if you have difference with the main product in the CSV, then yes, probably on import it will recalculate automatically and you get not what you want.

    If you have combination’s final price in the CSV, then my suggestion above will work. Main product is not a separate product anymore. Combination is separate (physical) product. So if you set weights and prices as they are in CSV, you get what you want. Customer can’t choose product without combination, neither it is used in the lists or anywhere else, default combination is used instead.

  • Hmm, You have first import the main product, after that, you can import the combination products with the product combination CVS import. You link the ID to the combination products, the main product, ID 12 and all combinations even with ID 12. And in the CVS combination import sjabloon, you have for the price and weight settings no other options to place a recalculated price and weight in there, these are based on the main product price/weight. You can’t delete the main product on you productlist, without losing even the correlated combination products.


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