I will say goodbye

  • I will say goodbye here now.
    Paypal only works partially, Stripe does not work anymore.
    About 7 weeks in which I now have 60% loss of sales in my current main shop, because the payment options do not work.
    Even switching to a previous version is extremely problematic. Even these no longer work, due to the newer database entries and I can not delete them, since the data for the previous orders are legally important in my view.

    Nobody has a working solution.


  • I dont use this payment methods, so I cant help at all. But I can understand that they are crucial. I am really surprised (and disappointed), that no one did answer your stripe reports and he paypal issue isn’t solved too 😞

    I dunno, but maybe you should wait till 1 april, before you throw everything away. From then on there should be regularly blog posts from lesley about tb itself. I think, it can make things much more clear if this project has a future or not. Since you dont ask for any very special stuff, I would expect this to be fixed.

  • Oh no that is bad news to here! I test everything in my sub-domain before i set my site live or do an upgrade. A smooth payment is the most importent thing of online sales. TB must pay more attention on payments services , it is the succes to online sales. Keep updated!

  • That’s bad news for me and the community, I hope things can get worked out and you change your mind.

  • thanks @wakabayashi me toooo 😞

    I absolutely have to act - I can not compensate for the losses.
    Even though sometimes I was annoying myself here in the forum, I have been very disappointed for some time by those responsible for this project.
    At first it was great.
    But now I get messages from customers - could not pay -> error message -> Stripe and Paypal.
    Only by bank transfer, a shop can not survive. How should I support a system without having the financial resources for my projects?
    I have some guidelines myself. My other services such as office services etc. A small team that wants to be paid. No money, no team. No shop orders, no team, no support for the shop system …

    SORRY NR 1
    it is freeware, I know

    SORRY NR 2
    @lesley and @mdekker
    in addition to sorry # 1 you have launched this project - do not let it down. There are other people who continue to rely on your support and development.

    @mdekker for several weeks seems to be important for you only the stupid post-nl-api-module. You could see the constant almost daily changes at Github. But here in the forum you do not have time to say hello.

    SORRY NR 3
    Why in the world do you really want 1.0.4?
    Free the current and official version of bugs and then tackle the next release. First fix bugs and then build on and improve on them - is not it double work?
    So has Prestashop evolved !!!
    Do you want to adapt to those now?

    I am absolute frustrated

    and at last
    The slogan “Thirty Bees works for everybody” or so -> has also disappeared for a long time. i can not see it anymore, just like a few months ago

  • @slick_303
    Thanks, but what else should I do.

    I have very heavy losses because I can not get paid anymore. That’s why the customers are running away from me.

    My servers meet all minimum requirements. But Paypal and Stripe have not been working for me for several weeks. Either I’m too stupid for it or I have the shit …
    which hangs on me

    In a particular case of a shop, hmmmm well, but I have the problem with 3 servers with my shops.
    That can not be a coincidence. By the end of January, in the middle of February, it has worked out for the most part. Only the updates of the two modules since the time …

  • Why does @mdekker spend time on a post.nl API Sollutions?? In the Netherland we have SendCloud with an API that works 100% for Post.nl/DHL and a lot more and it runs perfect on TB. Keep this things for such a small country for the future. Payment and fixes are the main proir things!

  • @kleijn36

    since few weeks almost every day - sorry im frustrated and migrate my stores
    and he havent time for the community
    free ecommerce - i know …

  • I am also sorry to have to say this.
    I think it has not worked on the system for several weeks now. Neither the bugs nor the new version. It seems to me to stand still and to your request you get even hesitant answers.
    It seems to be a kind of hold-off tactic.


    last closed bug -> 2018-01-22

    If I download for the current version, why are the bug fixes not included. If shop owners do that, they’ll get a non-current version with old bugs.
    How should they then get confidence in the system and have to first manually fix these errors?
    I have no idea of Github & Co. Even if I download the shop from the TB homepage, I get a current version but with the old errors that have already been fixed?

    I’m not finished yet
    but you can now crucify and stone me

  • 😞 … what can I say! Sometimes keep things as it is if there is already a good sollution for it at this time, Just point them in the right direction in the dutch (NL) forum. How many active users are there in the Netherlands with an active shop at this moment? “Yes i run i Thirty Bees Shop for the Dutch market” but keep the focus too the rest of the world!

  • Just one minor prior thing.! With ps. 1.6 i have spend a lot of money to get things fixed and worked as i wished with an external partner in India, With Thirty Bees and support of @mdekker @lesley @wakabayashi and @SLiCK_303 and all the forum users i have spend 0,00 Euro and my site is running without any moddification .

  • @slick_303

    from your personal message - i think my answer is better here:

    Thanks for your offer.
    Even if it could help me, what about the others?
    Not everyone answers and says shit …
    it does not work.

    With me, the payment options no longer work and I can not continue working with this system. I also have to think about the future.

    Can Thirty Bees be successful?
    How many people are registered in the forum?
    How many live shops with TB are there now?
    How many people react in the forum?

    I’m not concerned about spending!
    I am concerned about the lack of revenue !!!
    I seem too stupid to be that the incoming payments of customers no longer work.

    see my links from my main message, their pictures, news etc

  • If you are giving up on tb, then I cant stop you, but until you have switched over to a new ecommerce solution try this file, what do you have to loose? It has 129 files in it, with various fixes for 1.0.3, that will be in 1.0.4. Please have a file backup of your system incase something goes wrong. All you do is unzip to your computer, change the folder name of the admin folder to your admin name, and then upload over your current system.

    edit: file removed, if anyone is interested in such a file, get ahold of me via chat.

  • @slick_303 thank you

    even if I try your files - I assume that I’m not an individual case and the least after tests etc here in the forum report and still stay with ps.

    if I had time in the last weeks and have read here in the forum and if necessary could also answer helpful, as you do …
    shop founder - shop tester - or special requests multishop etc
    the small answering community does not have all the solutions at hand.

    I do not want to go further because of the frustration.
    For me and my team, I have to react !!!

  • I wish you luck on your further endeavors…

  • @zimmer-media I understand your frustration! As you can see recently it seems that the whole community is worried about the project and everyone is giving an ideas about how the developers make some money of it. If the problem is money at all, because I already doubt that. You do understand coding more or less, you could imagine about those 80% here who just rely on the good will of @mdekker! There isn’t even working eu compliance module yet, and I bring up the issue in github since the day one. It is closed now, but I can say from your sites that it is not working at all! Please don’t gave up on the project because it will be ANOTHER great loss for the community and wait a little longer … For now the only thing I think it could help you is to buy decent PayPal module from ps store, with which support you could rely on. I know it’s just saving the moment but at least you will stop loosing money. I hope soon @mdekker will have the decency to face the community and tell the truth.

  • @MockoB Tottaly agree. I don’t use paypal in any of my (PS) shops but even in PS paypal seems to be problematic. I suggest @zimmer-media to buy a module instead of setting the whole shop again. As for the rest we have talked about it on other topics.
    Funny thing is I did some research online yesterday to get to know PS 1.7 and see if it realy is that bad. I did not find a single good review in the 2 hours I spend. TB has a future but the team has to change things around NOW

  • This big project is led by a 2 man show.
    Yes and I know, the two also have their own business to run …

    Who else can edit and publish the core and the modules?
    For several weeks, I can not see any changes / improvements.
    Other people like to see the official version 1.0.4. Why? Constantly it is also asked in the forum, for months. There were always only answers please wait. Here problems, there problems. Can not just run the current version reasonable and then take the next step. Some who want to test the RC 1.0.4 have problems installing this, I included. So I have the feeling, as with PS. Old bugs are not fixed and new ones will be added.

    The number of community members has increased in the last year. But how many also participate publicly in the forum! Only spectators? How should TB grow that way?

    Many shop owners have only a small budget and are happy about open source projects. But if it does not work, nobody wants to use it.

  • @zimmer-media The problem is not the number of developers. (PS has 6 active devs working on the core I read yesterday)
    The problem is that TB is led by 1 man at it’s best considering both @lesley and @mdekker don;t work full time on this. I understand that both have to make a living and TB is not making enough money (I bet they are loosing money on this) and this is normal for a project that young.
    I see ppl carring but that alone is not enough. Besides the communication gab I already have talked about I notest yesterday that there isn’t even a developers topic in this forum.
    Not all ppl can/want to mess with github. So why isn’t there a dedicated developers forum where ppl can talk about the internals of TB or submit code or ideas to improve TB. There should be one with a todo list and a clear roadmap for 1.0.xx . When this is all fixed and stable THEN we can talk about 1.1 as @rubben1985 correctly stated. These couple of days this forum has proven that there are ppl carring about TB but if @lesley and @mdekker don’t care or if it’s too big for them let’s admit that it was nice while it lasted and call it a day. There need to be changes and fast

  • I do feel the same, but i’m waiting on next week when @lesley would give us a update.

    and the postnl module, could be that hes getting paid for that module so it has a higher priority which is understandable


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