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The State of thirty bees

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I have posted an update here, https://thirtybees.com/blog/thirty-bees-update-how-you-can-help/

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Posted (edited)

I am happy to be able to get this kind of informations and clarity from TB team, I wish you the best and a lot of success !

Thank you for this great fork that help me a lot in providing good eshops for customers, I wish i have more time to help, but i'll keep on posting on github and try to find the time to help on a new cool theme design for everybody.

As for using mailchimp, on my opinion I don't like it specially because it's overpriced, sendinblue also.. So I use https://www.mailwizz.com/ on a cheap dedicated server, and it works like a charm for newsletters campaigns, it takes a little bit of time to setup and warm the IPs but it's worth it ! I don't know sendy like others talk about, it might be good too.

I offer also my help for testing purpose if you have or gonna make a dedicated section.

As for the buisiness model, what about a marketplace for TB certified modules and themes and services, i am sure you'll get benefit that might make it sustainable for 2 or 3 people and maybe more in a longer term.

Long Life to ThirtyBees !


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Yes..exactly ..lol

So let it get out of beta version, filled with many items 🙂


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