The State of thirty bees

  • @lesley apologies, I think I expressed myself in a less than clear way. My point was that how you spend your money is not really a community concern, you should do it the way it creates the most value for you.

    My point was simply that I was hoping for some more info on your current release and feature plans in the blog post and imho this thread started to focus on the wrong things (your cost structure). I think having an involved community is key but nevertheless, we will be counting on you and dekker for reliable communication, release and feature planning, core prioritization and so on.

  • Appreciate the update, as well as all of the TB team’s hard work Lesley.
    TB has been a joy for me thus far.

  • Stay your course bud you and your team are doing fine!

  • So, i wasn’t following the forum for a while and now read the whole ranty topic. Actually I’d like to thank lesley and mdekker for all the work that they invested in this project, we have recently launched a thirtybees shop and it is working soo much better than what it was on PS!
    However I’d like to bring up a new perspective to this discussion away from the business model problem. Imo there is also just a lack of developers, which is why i actually think the whole discussion is really unfair towards mdekker because he did some tremendous work imo, especially since he isnt even working full time on it. I think one of the problems thirtybees has, which comes from prestashop, is that the codebase is just pretty messy and it is not very well documented. So basically what I’m trying to say is, that it may be worth a shot to try and make the project more interesting for devs or easier to get into.
    What I’d actually like a lot, would be a place, maybe a forum section, that is dedicated to discussing code related topics, being it questions to the codebase or maybe even tutorials or discussing module ideas, I just never felt there was a right place to do that. Also I think that there might be people who could contribute codewise but just aren’t accustomed to github or just not sure if they are competent enough, at least I was/ am in that position and I think that such a section would help a lot in that regard, because you get a feel for what other contributers think.
    Last but not least I’d like to say that I think the way you handled the rant with your post is actually really admirable, thanks for being so open and communicative!

  • wow, what a storm. I was away this weekend, and I’m really sorry I’ve missed it. It seems quite late to join in now.

    So I just say that I really hope that the community will heal quickly. Thanks @lesley for the blog post, it really reinforces the faith in the project. I sure hope you’ll continue to inform us on regular basis, to prevent this kind of situation from happening ever again. I know it takes tremendous amount of time and energy, and I very much appreciate it.

  • Since there has been lots of interest in helping us out with things, I am trying to put together a post this week about things users / community members can do to help from all levels of expertise.

  • @rand0m

    Also I think that there might be people who could contribute codewise but just aren’t accustomed to github

    Github’s issue tracker is pretty easy to use, so it’s fine to discuss things there. Github’s enforced pull request strategy is indeed [censored]. To get patches into discussions, don’t hesitate to send diffs/patches to my email, I’ll happily apply them. Unless the enhancement is obvious I’ll apply them in a branch, first, then cherry-pick them to the development branch if found to be good.

  • Thanks for your response, I guess I’ll use the issue tracker then and come back to you when I have worked out enhancements I think would be useful. I still think it might be nice to have a place for a more casual exchange though. Also I think it would be cool if you could create and share content like tutorials on a centralized place, which would help me because I might get feedback from other developers and it would help beginners getting started. It would also benefit lesley I think because he could use content from the community. I mean I don’t know if there are enough people willing to do that but I would certainly be happy to share the things I learned along the way.

  • first of all: a BIG thank you to everyone working on TB in any form
    whilst I really appreciate the update and response, I also wonder what’s been happening in the last 2 weeks since this was posted. I was really hoping for some more regular updates on what is going on behind the curtains and what is being worked on right now. Like so many others, I am eagerly waiting for a stable release of 1.0.4
    Does anyone have any idea when this release will be available? (I know… I shouldn’t even ask about release dates…but hey, I’m also trying to make a decision whether this is the right platform for new eCommerce projects since the last stable release was 8 months ago).

  • Great read once again 🙂

  • @nickon I use this too!


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