Number of elements loaded on the checkout page

  • Hi,

    A developer friend commented about our shop that 108 page calls / elements are loaded on the checkout page, including 30 javascript files, 28 stylesheets, and various tracking calls from Stripe, Paypal, GoogleAnalytics, etc.

    Is this normal or did we get a poorly designed theme (Panda) or did we perhaps do something else wrong?

    The friend seemed to be especially shocked by the number of javascript files loaded.

  • Advanced Parameters > Performance > CCC (COMBINE, COMPRESS AND CACHE)

  • @30knees it would be interesting to know a bit more about your experience with Panda. I ran some tests with Lighthouse etc on a shop that used the Panda theme and the results were not encouraging. Given that one of the focus areas of TB is performance I am just a bit afraid that the theme will have a negative impact on that.
    Any results/learnings you can share or the link to your shop?

  • Having that many resource loads is a result of the software not being monolithic, but coming with modules. Pretty much every module comes with its own JavaScript and with its own CSS, so each has to be loaded.

    Not sure whether CCC helps, didn’t try. To find out one has to measure page load times. It’s well possible that compressing resources takes longer than sending them uncompressed.

  • The ccc file is saved and a new one only generated if the content in one of the inner css/js files change so compressing resources should not be an issue. Let us know what result you get after activating CCC. At least the number of files should go down to 1 css and one js if the modules are done correctly.

  • Thank you all! I activated that and will let the friend check everything out after the holidays and get back to you.

    @hubbobubbo I’m generally happy with the theme, but I don’t know enough to be able to tell whether it’s having a negative impact in any way.

  • My friend checked and the CCC worked like a charm. Thank you all for replying!


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