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keyword research

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According to me, I m using keyword planner tool its works good for me and one more thing go for general keywords which is relevant to your business and check in the keywords search volume and always go for higher search volume

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Well start with brainstorm about how and what keywords your customers use to get on your website/page.And after you can use to find, familiar or recommendations from next tools:
- Google Keyword Planner: The golden tool for keyword research. You can get a ton of ideas and analyze the competition by using this free online resource!
- Ubersuggest: A great way to find long tail keywords that your customers are typing in without any additional effort on your part. Just type in what you want, and it will generate hundreds of long tail keywords for you to use.
- Ahrefs (Keyword Explorer) - paid. But amazing tool for SEO.
Main metrics is Volume and competition. In Google Keyword Planner you don’t see competition metrics, but you see cps price. If price is bigger, that in most cases means, the competition is high.
Based on it and your knowledge you can decide what strategy to use. You can focus on commercial keywords, or long-tail keywords… there is eve a zero volume strategy for low budgets. You can read a great article about it here:

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