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  • hello there,

    so nobody has really used this sub-forum before? Well, then I’d like to give it a try 🙂
    Even though I’m not sure how much sense it will make since I want to talk about a German page…

    There is a client I’m working with for many years now but still their business hasn’t been that successful. I guess it’s mostly because they had no clear “message” and strategy other than being just another catfood.
    Anyways, I gave it a little make-over and therefore switched to thirty bees.

    One of the most important Updates is this landing-page:
    Which should tell the customer what makes a good catfood and why Canelis is so good.
    I’m struggling a little with it’s google rank - can’t get better than ~43 (keyword “hochwertiges Katzenfutter” = high quality catfood). But I’m not sure why. The competition isn’t that good…
    Any ideas how I can improve the rank in an organic fashion?

    And any general thoughts?

  • The page looks nice! I like the landing pages and the content in general. I would clearly recommend to expand this field. Maybe the site can get some ideas from this one: I believe they are amazing, when it comse to content marketing.

    You should improve the speed of the store. It’s too slow here in switzerland…

  • @wakabayashi Thanks (:
    Yea, more content (especially a blog) would be great. The old page had one, but content-creation isn’t the owner’s strongest suit…

    I haven’t activated a CDN yet, perhaps it would help in Switzerland. On the other hand I’m not sure I can get that much more out of it with the current webhosting.

  • Are you using full page cache? Yeah maybe it’s the hoster… We are on a (cheap) dedicated server and I don’t regret it at all. I believe it’s a good investment if there is already a bit of revenue…

  • I activated the option “Full page cache” but I haven’t linked any modules to a hook because I had some CSS issues with it before 😕

    I think this shop finally needs to grow before they invest in a better hosting/server. Maybe tomorrow I have time to add a CDN and perhaps this will help a little.

  • @manisch I like it - looks good

  • @Manisch site looks good, i agree some more content will help. But if the products are getting lost in content its also not helpfull. I watched the other site but i should leave it because it gives so much info i cant find the products i am looking for.
    Maybe something to look at are the prices. Maybe too low? I am selling products since 2005 on internet and i discovered that sometimes, especially when its a private label product it is not helpfull to be cheap. I raised for my private label products the prices with about 30% and my revenue almost tripled after that.

    Just curious: which theme did you use?

  • Great looking site!

  • @baarssen hmm, I can’t say much about the pricing. The owner always says that “catfood is a difficult market” because people tend to mindlessly buy the cheaper stuff. She even lowered the price. If I remember correctly, it once was 2,39€ and now is 2,02€.
    In the end…she kinda has…one order per day :x So there really needs to be done something.

    The theme is this one (modified):

  • In Chrome, when I hover the cart icon in the header, the cart contents show up, but when I try to move the mouse inside the contents the box disappears before I can get there.

  • @gonssal Yes, I noticed this and I thought it was a bug at first, bur it’s only when your cart is empty, which makes somewhat sense.

  • Spendid!


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