Backoffice is responding very slow

  • I tried version 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 on multiple machines. both the versions are having the same issue. the back office is running very slow. Prestashop 1.6 is also running on the same machine, and it is not having this issue.

  • You must have been doing something wrong, because I have 3 sites running 1.0.2, and 2 more running on 1.0.4 and all are running super fast in the back and front office.
    I am using php 7+ on all of them.

  • I don’t know how accurate it is, but these are the requirements that Presatools is saying for tb.

  • I tried to install tb cloned from github, with russian lang. Got no success without mbstring. So, imo, mbstting is required module in case of not-only-english installation.

    However, i never got speed issues.

  • I had very bad issues with backoffice loading (citate from Mr. Trumpete:)

    Jokes aside I could solve my slow loading bo getting rid of a certain browser addon: Lastpass
    that one scanned the page for forms to fill and slowed the page down. I was very happy to reckon the reason and happily switched to KeePass.

    Perhaps you should try loading BO with an empty browser profile?


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