Can't add new customer's address in Customers > Addresses

  • The form fields that appear are insufficient to add a new address. These are the fields that appear:

    • Customer
    • Identification Number
    • Address alias
    • Other

  • Screenshot, please 🙂 And a list of steps to get to the address form you see.

    Developers might see something entirely different, so a precise description is a big help.

  • 1.0.0 🙂

  • It’s not working in TB 1.0.4 RC1. Whole page that appears contains code beginning with this :
    Smarty_Internal_SmartyTemplateCompiler Object

    If I save this page, it’s 101MB and it contains more than 1 million line of code. That’s the reason I can’t put it here. Looks like some kind of loop. Fresh install, with TB modules. Nothing touced in code.


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