Paypal error

  • Hi, some clients already have done their payments using paypal, but yesterday a client sent me this error when trying to pay:


    I told him to try in other device. He tells me that it is the same in 3 other devices but I tried myself and no problem.

    Any idea how to solve it?

  • what version of TB and Paypal module are you using?

  • TB 1.03 Paypal 5.3.2.
    I have updated to 1.6 beta 4 but I do not have news from the client so I am not sure if this update fixes the problem :S

  • this is what I see in the api calls

    But even if the mouse change to a hand, I cannot do click to show more info (i tried in chrome, firefox and internet explorer)

  • Did you customer use a discount voucher? I’ve had a similar problem: the customer had a discount voucher, he introduced it to the voucher box, clicked OK and the discount appeared, but when he tried to pay using PayPal he got the same error you show in your screenshot. But when paying for the full invoice, with no voucher, he had no problems and could complete the transaction.


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