AEUC Cache Problem

  • @MockoB I am honestly getting tired of your negativity. If you want to be constantly negative find another community to do it in.

    @colorful-ant We have seen that solution before, it doesn’t always work. I remember it causing some other issues, but I do not remember exactly which ones it caused. Either @mdekker or @Traumflug looked into it around the time that post was made.

    We will have a GDPR solution in time. It will be free. If you want to buy the one from PrestaShop you are welcome to, they are charging for GDPR compliance on 1.6 and 1.5.

    And a comment on the reporting. There are thousands of posts on this forum. The reports were not main topics, they were buried one 16 posts deep the other 24 posts deep. We don’t read every word written on the forum. I cannot read german. We recently did have a partner join on that can, YAY!. I think this week we are going to change the official bug posting policy to have people post on github. We are just too spread out and we need to centralize. Don’t take this as gospel yet, let me talk to the others.

  • @lesley it’s not just me who feels that way and you know it! And it’s not negativity, it’s the truth you don’t like. My positivity and enthusiasm disappeared maybe 6 months ago. I’m one of few who still believe in the project (or just waited too long to start from beginning with something else). You promised GDPR solution at least 3 months ago, there were some very good suggestions to implement, I’m curious to see which one is used. I received some time ago email from prestashop concerning the solution and it wasn’t mentioned it is paid. And I don’t mind to pay for working solution, why would I?
    I don’t get it why is there bug reporting section if you don’t read it.

  • I understand that people are frustrated with our timeline, but we are doing everything we can. It takes time, effort, and a lot of nerve to deal with these types of posts. Especially when you are putting in long hours trying to make a company survive.

    I promised that we are working on it, and we are. We should have a solution by the deadline. If you want to speed up the development of new modules and features, you are welcome to donate to our patreon every minute we don’t have to try to make money to keep the servers spinning or feed ourselves is more time we can put into creating awesome things.

    As far as the bug reporting section, we do read it. It is getting too spread out though. Neither of the links you posted were in the bug reporting section either. One of them is just a general post about a feature request in Google Analytics that I personally added after reading the post.

  • I will become a patreon as soon as I start use tb. And I apologize I made you nervous but sometimes it’s needed to, to get your attention especially when it is concerning such thing like AEUC module, which is with great importance for many of us.

  • Just out of curiosity, why not before? You seem to believe in the project. There are aspects of it you want us to fix. Why not support us now to help it along?

  • @mockob said in AEUC Cache Problem:

    I’m one of few who still believe in the project

    On what information is this statement based ? I think there are a lot of people who still believe in the project.
    If the project is not moving fast enough for you, maybe a commercial package is better for you

  • @MockB

    Reported 3 months ago by @DRMasterChief in that topic […] again mentioned by me in that topic […] and no one seems to care about it…

    It was taken care of last October already: and that was mentioned back then:

  • @mockob said in AEUC Cache Problem:

    I received some time ago email from prestashop concerning the solution and it wasn’t mentioned it is paid

    “The module will be provided free of charge for all 1.7 versions. It will be available as a fee-paying module on the Addons Marketplace for versions 1.5 and 1.6.”

  • Thanks for the information. I had not seen this post to aeuc.

  • @lesley I already donated once for the cause. Next time I will do it when it makes sense for me. I’m pretty sure there are many ppl here who already use tb and didn’t donated a cent, but I don’t blame anyone.
    @vincentdenkspel maybe I didn’t explained it like I wanted. Many ppl who were excited at the beginning already left, many of them valuable members (not like me). And I’m already considering some paid solutions, but since I’m using ps for years and tb is great alternative, and I waited more than a year already for the next release, I think I could wait a little more. I really missed that part for the paid version, but I don’t mind to pay for it. I’m running 1.5 store and if I will get support, after I pay for it, it would be even better for me.
    @Traumflug thanks for the information, I didn’t know that. But I saw that @eleazar mentioned it in 10 February, which is 3 months ago. So he has maybe outdated version of the tb’s aeuc module, or you may be missed what is he talking about in that topic. If it is the first one I’m sorry for pointing that topic, I thought it could be of any help for the project.


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