thirty bees is now 1.0.1 beta 2

  • Just found in the Github repo: thirty bees is now tagged 1.0.1 beta.2. 45 commits happened since beta.1, most of them smaller bugfixes in modules as well as in core.

    Here’s a package:

  • I know it’s a test, but can I put a store in production? I really need to put the store in TB!

  • Thank you very much! I am very happy and anxious! I’m following all the progress through github and chat;)
    Thanks a lot to everything, I get upset for not being able to help … But one day I will write codes in php

  • I’m a bit confused. I’m on 1.0.0 so can I not install this update? Or do I just download the zip file and transfer all the files by FTP?

  • There’s (still) is something funky going on when uploading a new store icon. The default tb png icon from the install works fine. It also works fine if you just replace this file with a new one with FTP. The problems occur when uploading from BO. I used the exact same png file i uploaded through FTP. Now the icon gets a white background. (I made sure to change the image setting to "Use png only if the base image is in png format)

  • No.I’m talking about the store location icon/image. Sorry for being a bit unclear there 🙂

  • Mmmno. Haven’t tested that module. Is it supposed to work with IM?


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