Very bad performance (caching?).

  • I’ve set up a new shop with about 30k products and 900 categories and I’m running into incredibly slow first time page load speed issues, page loads of 10-20 seconds or worse.

    It seems to be a caching problem, since the slow speed occurs mainly on first time page load, but it recurs in cycles.

    On category pages with multiple pages (pagination) each ‘page’ will load very slow the first time and then ‘ok’ after that, but for each every other page (as in ?p=x) the first load is again very slow. And this seems to cycle, after hitting a few pages the ones that have been viewed before become slow again.

    This shop is a ‘mirror’ of a PS1.6 shop I have running on the same server, same settings, same content and that one is running fine…

    Any ideas anyone?

  • After some more digging I’ve found the problem. There are no indexes on the table url_rewrite ( 1246982 rows in my shop 🙂 ). After adding the proper indexes to this table the speed issue no longer occurs.

  • Great! Bug reported and already solved! I like this 🙂

  • The 1246982 rows in the url_rewrite table might be another thing to look at though, it seems that these are way to many rows. After disabling/enabling ‘Friendly url’s’ I ended up with about 80k rows which seems a lot more feasible given the number of ‘items’ in the shop…

  • Is it thirty bees bug and what if someone like me, not knowing what indexes of the table url_rewrite is, could solve it ?

  • GTK


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