(partly solved) module "Store Commander" stopped working

  • I got a huge problem with StoreCommander at the moment. Since updating TB to 1.0.4 it stopped loading/working.

    I got in the browser console this:0_1526305700700_2018-05-14 15.47.30-File “2018-05-14 09.26.31-Developer Tools - https___www.gruenes-spielzeug...” - Mozilla Firefox.png

  • I do not see any relation or what excactly caused the issue but Chrome console told me about too many rewrites so I thought of course about my .htaccess.

    I have these rewrites active since I wanted to use the seo juice I might have had before I migrated from Presta to Thirtybees half a year ago. TB offers nice url schemes I wanted to use.
    0_1526476409724_2018-05-16 15.12.53-SEO & URLs • Grünes Spielzeug - Mozilla Firefox.png


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