Some questions

  • Hi to all.
    I’m totally new to TB, I’m a dissatisfied prestashop user.

    Some questions:

    1. what do you mean with “Multiple sites” in features page ? Is something we can use to host hundreds/thousands totally different sites in a single install ? This would simplify a lot any upgrade.

    2. is possible to set a “totally-offline” mode ? In example, in many secured environments, there is no internet access (or internet access is very limited). With a standard PS install, many section a dead slow due to PS trying to access remote servers for upgrade checks, modules, blog posts and so on. Multiple access are made to “” or something similiar.
      Is possible to totally disable these checks or to replace the module backend url with a local, custom marketplace where only our custom modules would be stored ? This will also simplify any development of a SaaS ecommerce.

  • Regarding 1: it’s a feature well known as Multishop. Yes, one can run multiple sites off a single installation. All these sites operate on the same database and the same web server, though, so I whouldn’t try with a thousand sites, for plain performance reasons. This feature works ideally when operating a few similar sites.

    If you’re concerned about upgrades, see

  • Regarding 2: thirty bees is indeed made with internet access in mind. That’s where the customers come from, after all, and being accessible for customers is the whole point of e-commerce. That said, you can turn off module upgrade checks in back office -> Administration -> Preferences.

    Other issues? Well, that’s why it’s Open Source, one can find and fix such issues for such custom usages.


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