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Remove Customer Date of Birth?

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On 6/6/2019 at 12:42 PM, dynambee said:

Okay, I have actually worked out how to hide it in all three places that it appears.

The following lines need to be added to the Add extra css to your pages section in the Preferences/Custom Code area of your TB back office:

/* For desktop browser account creation, add this line: */
.account_creation .date-select { display: none; }

/* For mobile browser account creation add this line: */
#opc_account_form .date-select { display: none; }

/* For the user's "My account" page that they can see after they sign up, add this line: */
#identity .std .date-select { display: none; }

The commented lines (/* ... */) do not need to be added, only the code lines that start with . or #. Copy & paste to avoid errors.

I have tested the above on TB 1.0.8 with the standard community theme (obviously) and it is working without trouble.

Thanks so much for this.   It worked.


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