Payment module without IPN?

  • Hi, my payment provider does not send IPN after successful payment, I have to check it by myself via https. How to do it? Should I use cron? Do you know any similar modules I could see the code of? Thanks 🙂

  • It’s a bit more complicated than just looking at a code.
    how do you process your payment? is it by redirecting to your payment gateway page or is it via api/webservice?

  • I have a service where I can check if transaction with ID = xxxx is paid, let us say it’s a sort of API. The problem is that my transaction is not processed momentary, it can take some time to process it, so it is possible that I have to check it few times in few hours after transaction.

    Again: the essence of my question is how to deal with this situation, when my payment provider requires a pull, not giving a push to my thirytbees shop.

  • You will need to run a cron job every few minutes/hours or you can switch payment service to something more modern.
    You will need to create a controller in your module that check if you payment as been processed and update whatever you need, and run this controller with cron.

  • OK, thanks 🙂

  • I’m not sure what @Random is using but I know here in Japan there are various non-instant payment options that likely work the way he describes.

    For example it’s possible for people to pay for purchases at convenience stores. After checkout the site emails a code to enter into a terminal at the convenience store, the terminal prints out a slip, and the customer goes to the register and pays. Credit cards are much more common here than they used to be but there are still a LOT of people who don’t use them online or don’t have them at all. Convenience stores are everywhere and this system works well. Customer might pay a few hours or even a day or two later.

    Bank transfer payments are also common here and there are systems set up to make this much more automatic. Each transaction can be assigned a different bank account number to pay into so the system can tell which invoice has been paid.

    So there are definitely modern systems in advanced economies that don’t have instant payment verification.


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