VAT Exemption Module learned manual exemptions

  • Partially funded by a client, VAT Exemption Module has learned to deal with VAT exemptions not related to a VAT number. In some countries other reasons for such exemptions exist, now customers can declare their qualification for that. Merchants have to verify this qualification manually, then.

    How does it work?

    First you’ll notice an additional switch on the module configuration page, Allow manual verification:


    With this switch set, a customer’s address entry form gets an additional checkbox:


    Having this box checked and being logged in, customers see prices without VAT. On the front page, on product pages, on checkout, and invoices will state ‘0% tax’. This is the point of this feature.

    To see whether a customer thinks he’s qualified for VAT exemption, you can look up his address in back office:


    If you see a VAT number reading vatExemption, s/he claims qualification. To remove the qualification (if the manual verification failed), remove this word and save the address. To add the qualification manually (e.g. a customer who forgot to check the box and applied later), add exactly this word in the VAT number field. It’s a magic word, the only VAT number not appearing in addresses, still setting taxes to zero.

    I think the module as well as core and default theme adjustments are complete, but being the guy I am, I’ll get some sleep and take another, fresh look tomorrow before pushing it. Stay tuned. It’ll be module version 2.1.0, then.

    P.S.: this module was renamed from European VAT Number to VAT Exemption Module about a week ago. Just a change of the displayed name, on disk it’s still vatnumber.

  • That’s wonderful. I have long time waiting for this. It was really PITA to deal with VAT customers. There is also problem with VAT checking. For solution I need to disable both APE and SIRET check in classes/validate.php plus I need to make changes in _customer table too.

  • This looks great,
    although i did read Hitler as name… need some more coffee

  • We dont need this module - but a big thank you for it ! Great community stuff and a big step forward in this VAT thing.

  • Here we go:

    VAT Exemption Module v2.1.0 release

    See release notes there on what to do beyond upgrading the module to get this new feature working (short of waiting for thirty bees 1.0.6).

  • In case you tried with One Page Checkout and it didn’t work: now it does. PHP code change just pushed to thirty bees core, required template changes to community theme default as well. Release notes for version 2.1.0 updated accordingly.

    As dessert topping, there’ll be a bugfix release of the module later today.

  • Here we go, should also appear as update in your back office:

    VAT Exemption Module v2.1.1 release

  • How does this work? I’m asking because it doesn’t look like I’m using it correctly.

    For example, the shop is based in Germany and a regular (non-business) customer from Switzerland placed an order. The order didn’t include VAT, though it should have. I can’t see that the customer entered a VAT ID and in the backend under countries it says show VAT.

  • It works in a pretty trivial way: marking this checkbox enters the magic word “vatExemption” as VAT number. Magic of this word is, it gets filtered away when creating invoices. Other than that it works like a valid VAT ID.

    One can see this word when looking up the customer’s address in back office. If the VAT number field there is empty, the module is likely not the problem.

    That said, Swiss customers often know they get VAT relief when ordering something in Germany. Switzerland isn’t in the European Community, so taxes get calculated the same way as when shipping to e.g. the U.S.: no VAT. They’re expected to pay Swiss VAT at their customs office, though.

  • So you’re saying it’s correct that the invoice didn’t show VAT in this situation?

  • Yes.


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