Have you changed the Web Service API back in TB version 1.0.4?

  • Looks like you have changed the Web Service API back to Prestashop structure in TB version 1.0.4? Why?

    After upgrading to version 1.0.4 (and 1.0.5) I had to switch from the thirtybees API to the Prestashop API,
    to get the integration with pakkelabels.dk (package label) to work again.

    By the way, pakkelabels.dk support the Thirty Bees community with this module.

  • That’s interesting as I am having terrible trouble with the webservice on 1.0.3. The integration I have with Mintsoft to print our shipping labels only half works. It pulls in all the orders but won’t update the statuses on the orders in thirty bees. Maybe if I upgrade to 1.0.5 it will work then?

  • @spidawebs I have the same issue with shipstation. Curious to know if 1.0.5 works correctly


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