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Help me develop killer One Page Checkout module

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1 hour ago, DRMasterChief said:

Do you mean some information about the items will be in the order summary block (and also in the cart block)?   Can there be also essential product features (e.g. the first 100 characters of short description)? 

That's why I suggested this solution.

I would hate to display this 'essential product features' in the floating Cart block, as it would only distract users.

If it really must be displayed, then this new 'Order summary' section would be the right place to do it.

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We show the 'essential product features' in our actual shopsystem directly below each product in small font size, which looks very ok and useful,  nearly all other merchants does the same here in Germany,  just for your information.

I think, when we can fit the law for 99%, then everything is ok.  I think the bad people who are looking for such mistakes only look for absolutely gross mistakes. As soon as you are ok with the law for 99%, you don't want to get involved in a legal dispute, because the result is too uncertain.

How can we go on with your solution? Can you make an first demo module only on your own site to see exactly how this can look and work? 

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additional:  there was a discussion some time ago 'to have a field in BO in each product' for 'essential product features' and merchant can use it or not  (also here in this forum).

A lot of merchants will prefer such a thing, but there was no reaction from PS and also not from tb.  If they will not use it in shopping cart, then maybe for other things. It's just to have an separate field for such details  and maybe shop developer should have an ear for these things,  then 1. required laws can be covered and 2. this is maybe an additional nice to have other shopsystems dont have...  not only for this German regulation.

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