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Help me develop killer One Page Checkout module

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On 5/13/2021 at 7:42 AM, datakick said:

In my opinion, when customer goes to checkout page, they need to be reassured first. They really want to know is

  • what carrier they can use
  • what payment method they can use
  • the final price

And chex tries hard to answer these questions. Customer is not required to log in or create an account before these questions are answered. 

What about my suggestion to display all fields in the shopping cart? That would still work excellent with your main idea behind the Chex, and it would bring great benefits.

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I would appreciate the additonal function to move arround / reposition the filed for customer registration. I am thinking especially about the forms/field "company" and "Vat ID" since >90% of our customers are private persons.

Therefore it makes sense for me to move these two forms more to the buttom.


If the integration is too time consuming at the moment I would like to know how to achieve this myself. I could not find any 'template' in the views folder of Chex.

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Posted (edited)

Hello,  we will try the Chex module on a new hosting,  unfortunately it says a wrong domain / key  in the settings.  I already have contacted @datakick by mail on 16.August 23:57, but no answer since a few days.  How can i get a new license key for Demo / test?  Thank you

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