Missing files? Thirty bees version 1.0.1-beta.2

  • Advanced Parameters->Configuration Information | LIST OF CHANGED FILES

    Missing files (4)


    Or not?

  • On an installation from the Git repository:

    $ ls classes/Discount.php classes/controller/AjaxController.php classes/controller/ModuleAjaxController.php classes/order/OrderDiscount.php
    ls: cannot access 'classes/Discount.php': No such file or directory
    ls: cannot access 'classes/controller/AjaxController.php': No such file or directory
    ls: cannot access 'classes/controller/ModuleAjaxController.php': No such file or directory
    ls: cannot access 'classes/order/OrderDiscount.php': No such file or directory

    Which means: these files aren’t expected to exist.

    Looking into the repo history one can find this: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/0335d82603d48d0edd7ad149dbe729f6b69d005c These files were removed on March 12th. Apparently is was forgotten to update the list of expected files.

  • Thanks, I’m currently searching where this comes from.

  • This is simple: config/json/files.json is out of date. 4 files no longer exist, 221 files have changed. Not exactly a trust building situation 🙂

  • The question arising is: when should this file receive updates?

    1. On every commit?
    2. On every bump of the release version?
    3. When creating a distribution package, creating this file on the fly?

  • It is part of the build script. The file is updated with creating a distribution package.

    I think that there is a difference in the way node.js and PHP generate md5 sums, maybe some PHP newline char trickery. I think it is better if we just replace the generatemd5list.js with a PHP cli script that uses the md5_file function.

  • News 🙂

    • files.json: while it’s tracked in the Git repo, it also gets updated when creating a package.
    • You, @atolodas , apparently run a development installation. Only four files missing. With an installation made from a package it’s much worse, 46 files missing 🙂
    • Wrote a PHP version of the file generator (currently used is a JavaScript variant) and it turns out, both generators generate the same (except for sorting).
    • Updating files.json in a developer installation gives a perfectly fine validation.

    So, what the heck?

    The hint for the next step in this adventure game is here: files.json generated in a developer installation is 387 lines. The one generated for a package is 1261 lines. These two versions are expected to be the same.

    Going bicycling now and when coming back I’ll put these puzzle pieces together.

  • I think this problem resolved

  • Don’t break your head on it. I, too, think that it has been solved today. Checks are limited to PHP files as those are the only ones of which PHP seems to be able to generate consistent md5 sums.

  • So I worked a full day for the trashcan. I thought it was clear that I’m working on this.

  • Didn’t know. Have you found a better way?

  • I created a generator using PHP, I also removed the file from the Git repo, I implemented nice messages for developers, where the file doesn’t exist.


    And of course I triple-check code before providing it to the public.

  • Will melt down this work to align with what’s now on master and pull request that tomorrow. Not everything lost 🙂

  • The six remaining commits were accepted and are now on Git master. Thanks, @mdekker.

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