Thirty bees 1.0.3 to 1.0.4

  • Hello,
    Can anyone help me privately or even by team viewer or any method to update my market from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4
    then I will update it to 1.0.5
    MY market link:
    Thanks so much

  • Which step you don’t understand? Lets discuss here.

    1. Download the 1.0.4 zip package here
    2. Extract the zip package
    3. DELETE the install directory from the zip package
    4. RENAME the admin directory to the same name as your current admin directory
    7. Upload the files that are remaining from the zip archive to your site
    8. Go to the config directory and edit the file, update your version to 1.0.4
    9. Go to PHPMyAdmin or you MySQL interface and run the query in this file here
    10. Go to your modules directory and DELETE all of your stats module except statsdata and statsmodule. Also delete the modules graphnvd3, gridhtml, pagesnotfound, and sekeywords.
    11. Now log in to your back office, the upgrade should be finished
    12. Go to your modules page and install the module labeled Stats Module

  • May you point one reason why you would want to update to 1.0.5? I would stay on 1.0.3 if I was you, it’s the most stable and bug free version of tb so far! You better manually submit any commit if you find useful one and if you could find somewhere changelog with the commits of course.

  • Hi, i have updated to 1.0.5 a while ago, and cant see any problems with 1.0.5 (but shop is not live at the moment, but i do a lot of tests, put in new items, change some flows in the checkout, change the theme and so on…)
    Do you think it was a not-so-good idea to update to 1.0.5 - and why?

  • So it’s better to work on 1.0.3
    It’s good for me after comments.
    Thanks everybody

  • I don’t know really, but I see a lot of issues with cache and other stuff. And actually I can’t think of nothing which deserves to update it. I know that 1.0.3 is really stable, although there are also issues with it, they are not so serious like the ones in next versions. Really if there was change log, everyone could decide by it’s own. Personally the advantage of updating was lazy loading, retina images, webp standard and the fav icons. And just the one of all those is working, and it could be added to your site by simply applying the commits.
    I wouldn’t recommend experimenting with your live site, but its personal decision. If something works, just don’t break it.

  • I think it is a little slower since update to 1.0.5 (maybe 0.4 seconds or so).
    A strange idea: is it possible to go back to 1.0.3 ?? and how ?? Just in case i find more problems or issues with 1.0.5…

    thank you

  • Really if there was change log

    There is:

    If you want all the details, read the git log. Hundreds of entries, though.


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