Bug? Or what?

  • I wrote a new topic about Chrome update and how I was thrown out and unable to log in. I have blamed Cloudflare and canceled and thought it is now OK. But today it came back again and I have now found a very strange problem.
    I have Piwik installed and use the free module in TB, I think Lesley is the father.
    Instead of having an uninteresting dashboard as start page I changed to Piwik.

    After a while having the BO open in a tab with the Piwik page up, I get thrown out. And if I try to log in again from the login page that shows up, it is not possible
    But if I change the address to /admin++++/ and then log in from that page, it is no problem.

    The same problem occurs in both browsers I have tested. Chrome and Mozilla

    Perhaps for you @lesley

  • Did you have any uppercase letters in the admin link that did not work?

  • Yes. …PiwikAnalytics…

  • try all lowercase and see if its working.
    I reported few weeks ago that I cannot login to admin if the admin folder/url contain uppercase letters.

  • Yes it worked. I got a message wrong token but that is probably how it is calculated. P and p has different values. I was given the opportunity to go to the page. For sure you are on the right track

  • Now I tested with another module that also give capital letters in the url and it is the same thing. I get sent to the login that does not work

  • Can you open a bug report on this issue please.
    I never opened a bug report for that issue, I just posted it here on the forum.

  • I have already done ;-)

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