TB reCaptcha

  • I would like to implant a google reCaptcha in TB core functionality.
    I think this is too important to have built in instead of as a module.
    I need to know if the mod’s will approve this kind of PR.

    If going that way, I think it should be in Preferences -> General or Preferences -> Store contacts.
    It required 2 text fields for public and private keys and maybe enable/disable switch.

    It can be used for contact us page, registration page, send to a friend module.

    Any thoughts?

  • I would certainly love to see this! Anything to cut down on spam while not requiring real users to do anything extra is a win in my book.

  • Perfect timing, I was also thinking about that in the bus this morning 🙂

    You guys rocks, really, thanks !

  • Ok, you’re the boss.
    But you know that it doesn’t need to collide with anything, we can only add support to TB send to a friend module (from core) and TB core controllers (contact-us).
    If we done with this post, can you mark this as solved please.


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