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  • I would like to implant a google reCaptcha in TB core functionality.
    I think this is too important to have built in instead of as a module.
    I need to know if the mod’s will approve this kind of PR.

    If going that way, I think it should be in Preferences -> General or Preferences -> Store contacts.
    It required 2 text fields for public and private keys and maybe enable/disable switch.

    It can be used for contact us page, registration page, send to a friend module.

    Any thoughts?

  • I would certainly love to see this! Anything to cut down on spam while not requiring real users to do anything extra is a win in my book.

  • administrators

    Nope, would not be accepted, becauuuuusee… we already have one! :D

    It depends on themes, though when we can make it a core feature, but for 1.0.x we are going to release a module that requires you to sometimes change a little HTML before it works.

  • administrators

    At the moment our biggest challenge is to avoid collisions with special versions of the sendtoafriend module and the product comments module. When that’s been taken care of we can release it via our module update channel (require thirty bees 1.0.1 + tbupdater).

  • Perfect timing, I was also thinking about that in the bus this morning :)

    You guys rocks, really, thanks !

  • Ok, you’re the boss.
    But you know that it doesn’t need to collide with anything, we can only add support to TB send to a friend module (from core) and TB core controllers (contact-us).
    If we done with this post, can you mark this as solved please.

  • administrators

    It certainly does collide. There’s a host of modules that add the recaptcha library, too. This will cause problems.

  • administrators

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