Onepage Check-out like presta 1.7

  • The one thing i really like is the onpage check out of presta 1.7
    It’s simple and better for the customers. Customers are those days lazy :p
    Will this be coming in the future?

  • I’m currently working on a checkout like that. Or to be precise, based on

  • ow great i’m loving it 😉

  • Is it onepage or onpage? I don’t know how it is on ps 1.7 but on it looks like standard 5 steps checkout. If it is “onpage” it is something I’m not familiar with.

  • Onepage 😉
    Yes but this one from looking good.
    It’s almost similar like presta 1.7.
    It must be easy for the customers without issues.

  • @MockoB said in Onpage Check-out like presta 1.7:

    Is it onepage or onpage? I don’t know how it is on ps 1.7 but on it looks like standard 5 steps checkout. If it is “onpage” it is something I’m not familiar with.

    If you click on “guest checkout” you’ll see the one page checkout that @mdekker is talking about I think.
    Looks pretty good!

  • Its actually a checkout that is being applied to a site, but its something we might incorporate to a later version of thirty bees to clean up the checkout.

  • @Robbie I checked it and it is 4 step checkout process, not much different than the ps current one I believe. For me one page checkout is:
    Unfortunately it could not be implemented because it will break theme compatibility.

  • @MockoB have you checked out the one I use? No problem with TB so far

  • It is nice one and is definitely one page checkout 🙂 I am happy to hear that there are no issues with that module because with the one above and the default thirty bees theme there are some css issues.

  • css cannot really be considered as issues.

  • Yes, for someone familiar with 🙂

  • The REI checkout process is nice, but what I saw (in the Guest Checkout) doesn’t strike me as a “one page checkout”. Maybe my concept isn’t right but isn’t a one page checkout where everything is visible on one page and the customer fills everything out on one page and clicks one button to complete their order?

    The REI process was “fill in your name & address, and click continue” after a slight pause this is followed by “choose your shipping method and click continue”, which results in another slight pause followed by “confirm your billing address and membership number, and click continue…” etc. It’s an AJAX system but it’s not all presented on a single page with a single “complete order” button.

  • @MockoB You are right. I didn’t really check it completely. I thought it would be more “fluent” and switch to the other tabs more easily.

    @Havouza To be fair, yours could be a lot better. I think right now it is way to difficult for your users to find out what to do exactly. It is an example of a one page that is to complicated imo. Also when filling in my address and afterwards clicking on “pay with your card or PayPal account”, it goes to PayPal automatically where I have to repeat all my address information.

    That is why in some cases a step checkout is still better. You have to be able to create a one page experience that is very clear and designed pretty well. All the modules for PS are out of the box really bad designed, but with some tweaking they are usable ofcourse.

    Shopify has a very good checkout process imo. They also have done numerous of conversion tests and they adapted their current one to this (which is not one page).

  • I would like to see a one page checkout like on our site, because it is beautiful and easy:

  • That does not appear to be the standard checkout. It does not look like it would work with most payment modules either.

  • The new checkout is getting closer and closer to PrestaShop 1.7’s checkout. It’is now some combination between REI and 1.7. Because of thirty bees’ structure, the first step will likely always be the account, then the address, shipping and finally payments. For the EU variant it might be the same, but we are not sure yet.

    A small preview of the first step on default-bootstrap:


    Note that this step will likely become smaller as we are going to add a sidebar, just like the 1.7 checkout.

  • Okay great that’s better.
    But why can’t you change the structure of thirty bees?
    I find the structure of Presta 1.7 better.

  • I would mimic Amazon or Shopify if possible. If it has to be done in “steps” then can you make them accordion style? i.e. shows all 5 steps on 1 page but only the first step is open. Then click next and that step closes and step 2 opens. So on and so forth.

  • It would also be nice if the header would minimize too. I’ve started seeing this on a lot of websites (amazon, bed bath beyond, etc) where once you are in the check out process, only the logo is shown so that there are no distractions to leave the checkout process.


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