Truncate Db tables from BO

  • TB (as well PS) is saving allot of statistics information that increase the DB size allot.
    Usually I truncate those tables manually to reduce DB size.
    So I think we should have an option in the BO to do that process, either by truncating or deleting rows.
    I am talking about:
    connections, connections_source, connections_page = saves IP address, referrer, etc… of connection
    guest = saves guest information (similar to GA)
    page_viewed = well… you know
    pagenotfound = same…

    This is nice info to have but in 99% of websites are useless, plus you have GA/Piwik for all that information and more.
    In some cases those tables can reach 100MB-500MB (depend how many years your site in running).
    I had one case that I tried to backup a client DB and it ended up in 750MB, after truncating those tables the same DB was only 11MB.

    Now, I am no SQL expert but I believe that smaller db will execute faster.

  • If you intend to use GA or Piwik, why not just disable all the Analytics and Stats modules?

    That way the database tables never grow in the first place, and you avoid some processing overhead too.


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