internal links dynamic parameters

  • I’m looking for weeks for a solution. now i found it.

    Sorry for german pictures - i think @traumflug understands it and can help to ad change for the next update aeuc module 😮

    i´m using to check

    without changes


    with changes

    my changes:
    modules / advancedeucompliance / views / templates / hook / hookDisplayProductPriceBlock.tpl

    <a href="{$smartyVars.ship.link_ship_pay}" class="iframe" title="Übersicht Versandkosten">

    to (rel=“nofollow”)

    <a href="{$smartyVars.ship.link_ship_pay}" class="iframe" title="Übersicht Versandkosten" rel="nofollow">

  • Nice tool! Thank you, I’ll scout my new project with it!

  • Btw - I’m getting the same notification all over the place - homepage, categories, etc…

    And I’m not using AEUC just every link is red. What does it mean?

  • @the-rampage-rado

    aeuc module have dynamic parameters ( url with ? etc…)
    if you try seo-tools - e.g.

    result (first image obove german, now english)


    it has nothing to do with the cache on this topic -> bo-performance-full page cache, you can find it in an other topic

  • Nice! I am using seobility as well 🙂

  • I made changes to line 55 but it seems I did it wrong. Please have alook and tell me:

    {* “Shipping CMS content” Price Hook templating *}
    {if isset($smartyVars.ship) && isset($smartyVars.ship.link_ship_pay) &&
    <div class=“aeuc_shipping_label”>
    <a href="{$smartyVars.ship.link_ship_pay}" class=“iframe” rel=“nofollow”>

  • Why do you think it’s wrong?

  • @pedalman
    it looks ok - have you clear the cache

  • Sure, cache was deleted but no change in seo site’s info on internal links (as in your screenshot).

  • my complete snippet

      {* "Shipping CMS content" Price Hook templating *}
      {if isset($smartyVars.ship) && isset($smartyVars.ship.link_ship_pay) &&
        <div class="aeuc_shipping_label">
          <a href="{$smartyVars.ship.link_ship_pay}" class="iframe" title="Versandkosten" rel="nofollow">

    you can delete title=“Versandkosten” or rename, or change for different languages

  • a few days ago i also changed the revws module - @datakick

    httpdocs / modules / revws / views / templates / widgets / list / paging.tpl


    <a href="{revws::getPageUrl($reviewList, 1)}" class="revws-page-next{if $ >= $reviewList.pages-1} revws-disabled{/if}">


    <a href="{revws::getPageUrl($reviewList, 1)}" class="revws-page-next{if $ >= $reviewList.pages-1} revws-disabled{/if}" rel="nofollow">

  • You guys know that thirtybees implements canonical url tags by default, right? So why bother doing all this stuff?

    The only reason behind this rel="nofollow" suggestion is to get rid of duplicate content warnings (or is there any other reason?).

    But this is very stupid method to achieve this task, if you ask me. You need to fix all links on your page. If you miss just one, you will get this duplicate warning. Also, if any third party website links to your site using dynamic parameters, you’ll get duplicate warnings as well – you will have to manually block these third party links in your search console. It’s a lost battle…

    Canonical url meta tags, on the other hand, solve this problem elegantly and permanently. When google tries to index url with dynamical parameters, this meta tag tells him that he should index is under different / canonical url.

  • I also like to learn …

    But I think it’s not a lost fight. And duplicate warning is one of the problems from my own point of view.
    Everyone is always talking about Google - as the market leader. What about all the other search engines etc.

    Apart from that, some search engines do not adhere to various rules and settings. Some are just aggressive and include everything in their index. (Please do not talk about locking them.)

    It was just a suggestion, people who do not want to use it - do not have to do it.
    For me personally, after the change of all internal links dynamic parameters, a better position in the search engines resulted.

    When I install a new TB shop, without the additional modules required for me, such as AUEC, no problems with internal left dynamic parameters appear in an SEO query.


    I do not want to expand the topic because I probably lack too much experience and knowledge. It’s my point of view and my experience when I do online SEO testing on different sites.


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