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  • While editing and testing I have found my logo URL contains my name and have no idea how that got there.( if you right click and copy it gives the URL location)
    I have replaced the logo a few times but it only changes the ending and my name remains there.
    I’ve been through just about every setting searched google and can’t find an answer to fix this issue…
    I’m sure it is easy once I know how , so sorry if it is

  • @andyc

    im not sure what you mean. if i click on your logo - copy and save etc
    i do not know otherwise

    my result

    from your page

  • Yep , but why does it have my name in the link the dash logo is the only part that changes

  • When you upload logo, the file is renamed using shop name:

    You can either change the shop name, or change the code

  • I would like to avoid changing code as with the next update it gets overridden. I’ve also tried different shop names under preferences. I know it’s not a big deal in the whole scheme but woul dprefer shop name than mine

  • I also found your name in one of the javascripts as the store name. I was able to reproduce exactly what you are seeing in a test store. I verified that changing the store name under shop contacts updates the PS_SHOP_NAME in the tb_configuration database table. So I searched the database for the old name and found it in tb_shop. After changing it there and uploading a new logo the file name shows correct. Can you take a look at tb_shop and see if that solves the problem?

  • First time I’ve gone there.
    Found it and it says Pewter Jewellery, or am I looking in the wrong place



  • no - try this


  • or try this (same table) and dont forget to change the file with jpg-name in your folder


  • Found them. I see there was more than 1 page which is why I missed the right place.
    Shop name is Pewter Jewellery
    PS_Logo is logo.jpg
    Was so hoping it would be simple
    Out of pure curiosity, the first few pages in the root of the database have (for example) tb_1access etc … Is the 1 suppose to be there

    1. go to Preferences > General and enable Multistore. Don’t worry, you can disable it later
    2. go to Advanced Parameters > Multistore
    3. select shop and edit it:
    4. change shop name
    5. go to Preferences > Themes and upload your logo

    Result: logo will now contain name of your shop, changed in step 4

    Now, you can disable multistore again. Unfortunately I did not find any way to edit store name without enabling this feature

  • Thank You so much datakick that was pretty simple in the end and so obvious.
    Also thank you colorful-ant and everyone else that has helped me .Also learnt how to get into my phpadmin last night too .Always had someone else do it fo rme

  • Sigh , just when I thought I was almost finished …This evening I’ve come back on and I’ve found all my subcategories are now gone. All products are still there on the website, but can’t see any products in admin if they are in a subcategory.
    Could multistore have caused this? As I never really checked last night before I went to bed, I only checked the logo …

    Belay that … It seems all subcategories have been deleted ??? … I’ve just checked in Categories and they are all gone, I added 1 as a test and it appeared as a drop down. I’ll have to re-add them and place all products back into them manually…
    How could something like that happen as all I did was do multistore last night and nothing drastic tonight

  • Try to enable multistore again, and make sure you choose all shop (see on the top there are new drop down menu). Go to catalogs > categories > you can see your sub categories, edit and checklist to all shops. Now its safe to disable multistore again

  • Hi
    Enabled again and chose PW, sub categories were then there , I deleted my test sub and they have all disappeared again … Will have to investigate later now off to work of 8 hours driving

  • Ok …I’ve had to add another subcategory to each category with subcategories …Bulk disable them, Bulk enable and then I can disable the added subcategory… If I delete it all subcategories go missing again …Very weird, or is this a bug


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