Shop showing no products in some categories

  • Hello,
    I just migrated from prestashop to thirty bees. One of my problems is that in two of my categories are no products shown. In the headline of the page I can see the number of products in this categorie, but the content of the page is empty.

    I tryed to make a new category and move the products in there but it doesn’t solve the problem. I also tryed to move the category into an other category to see if there is any change but it doesn’t help.

    Here some pictures to better understand the problem. On the first pic you see how it should be, on the second pic you see that there is a problem with the category “MEHR”. There are 23 products in this category but you can’t see them.


    It would be great if you could help me.

    Regards, Robin

  • Could you share url of your shop?

  • Sure:
    Please tell me when you had a look, then I’ll go back in maintenance mode

  • @schmuck-checker MEHR category contains subcategories. Please ensure that Display products from subcategories is enabled


    Or simply associate your products directly with this category


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