Opinions on one page checkout

  • I’ve been trying to simplify the one page checkout and can’t decide if I want to continue working on it or optimize the multi page checkout we’ve been using. The modules I’ve seen don’t have the feel I’m going for. What do y’all think of it so far? Again, it’s not done and some sections I haven’t even touched yet (like vouchers, empty shopping cart, etc). I just want to get opinions before I put more time into it.

    Here it is on a demo site: https://www.leebrys.com/30bees/

  • Looks fine, just when I choose already registered, there is no way to change my choice. I have to go back and enter the checkout page again. Is it some kind of module you are developing or it is just page modification?

  • Thanks for checking it out. If I decide to use it, it will be part of a custom theme. No intentions of developing it into a module.

  • Feels good. One quibble: the lag between completing one section and moving on introduces a bump for me. Otherwise very nice!


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