A question I shouldn't ask here

  • First of all let me apologize for asking this question here, as I am totally conscious it is not the appropriated place to ask it.

    I have a module built for Prestashop running well under TB, to auction items. I purchased it in Modulesmarket through Prestashop’s marketplace. Not a single complaint about the developer. He last updated this module in 2015, and I asked him if he would make it compatible with Prestashop 1.7. The answer was no, and this is why I didn’t doubt to switch to TB. After reading some topics in this forum I’ve understood why the developer didn’t want to waste his time updating anything for PS1.7. This is the module, for if it happens anyone has curiosity about it: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/build-auction-site/3438-auctions.html

    I did a debugging and I got this warning:

    Warning: Declaration of ProductAuctionObjectModel::__get($key) should be compatible with & ObjectModelCore::__get($property) in /home/xxxx/public_html/modules/auctions/classes/model/object_model/productauctionobjectmodel.php on line 156

    Could anyone give me a slight Idea of what does this mean? Obviously I am not asking anyone a solution for a module no one here built, I just would like to understand what the problem is before contacting the developer.

  • Php is just complaining that overloading function does not have same signature as overloaded function in parent class. To fix this, simply edit file modules/auctions/classes/model/object_model/productauctionobjectmodel.php, and on line 156 change signature of function __get from something like this

    public function __get($key)


    public function &__get($key)

    Note the extra &

  • Sure!


    public function_get($key)

    was in line 59 instead of line 156

    I’ve changed it to &_get($key) and the warning has disappeared when debugging.

    Thanks for this!

  • The override system in thirtybees / prestashop would really need some attention. It’s very brittle, yet there are many things that can be done to mitigate these kind of errors and warnings

  • @datakick I agree wholeheartedly. 75% of the problems I had with my shop had to do with overrides or conflicts with overrides. Whenever something goes wrong now, it is usually the first thing I check. It is also what generates the most errors. I like the flexibility it provides but it lacks stability.


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