How do I add blocks in positions like indicated here....


    AND how do I stretch this one across the entire bottom of the screen?

  • Don’t know if this will help … I used HTMLbox v1.7.0 - by . Although it shows across all pages which is why I never kept using it

  • AndyC, I gave it a try and installed it. It’s not appearing anywhere though 😞 I don’t know much about this stuff, so I’ll play around with it, but I’m pretty sure I had it configured right. It’s just not showing up 😞

  • Nope. It’s not working with my ThirtyBees. 😞

  • I had to have a few goes as well before I got it right
    Go back into html find the source code tab it’s to the left of B (circled in red in image)
    Just type something in there and for starters just make it top as thats where I have something
    and save


  • Yeah, I did 😞

    By default it says “enter code here”. I changed it to text. But when I save, no matter if I choose top, left, right, whatever, it doesn’t save my text in the editor. It displays like this on my webpage.

    Enter the code still remains, even though I changed that text and said “Left”. Even when I go back into the module, it’s like it’s not even saving

  • Delete "enter code here"
    Did you open the source code and type something in there … It opens another box in the middle of the screen
    OK it and save

  • Thanks again Andy. Yes, I did. It opened a new window, I just changed that to say text. I made sure it said “left” and saved. When I looked at the mod again, it says header, and “Enter code here” still remains 😞

  • And another thing, Andy. It’s not showing ANYTHING at all in my left or right column. I have left and right column enabled in my theme. But - nothing is showing no matter what I select to appear on the left and right. I wish you can log into my store to help 😞

  • Try choosing top from the drop down … I know it’s not what you want .I couldn’t get left or right to work either , just to see if it works

  • sorry just tried and it works in my left column

  • Something’s wrong with my left and right columns. If I give you access, do you have time to help? Please don’t feel obligated. I’m having a designer make a commercial video for my website and I need to put them in the left or right columns, or at least move blocks around from bottom to top

  • I tried again. I chose TOP. Then I edited the text as you stated. And when I go to the page, still, it says “enter code here”. Back in the module nothing changed. ARGHHHHHHHH

  • You pretty much doing what I am .I’m also a newbie at TB lol.
    I do dial into Pc’s for work , but I honestly wouldn’t trust a stranger dialling in
    Just try 1 last thing tick the box that says “Use original editor (default tinymce)” mine is
    if you read it says own text

  • Yeah, did that too. I’ve been at this for hours. 😞 Something is messed up with my left and right navigation because I can’t get anything to display there. Oh well. I’m assuming you have your own shop too… 🙂

  • Yeah learning the ropes still.I had a lot of help and thought I would try help you out lol .Not doing a good job am I
    I bet someone will come along and say do this and walla , all working

  • You’re the only one who took time in trying to help, so I do appreciate it.

  • I see you not using the default theme who’s it with …That could be the reason too

  • It is default theme. I changed the name of it.

  • Oh sorry it is … I’m now wondering if you haven’t got the left side set up right … I have my categories listed on the left too


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