How display a "Shipping calculated at checkout" message or something similar in ajax cart

  • When I disable all couriers for visitors it solves the issue of showing the wrong shipping rate to customers before they give their address. It also completely hides the shipping phrase from the cart. I’d like it to display “Shipping calculated at checkout” or some similar message until the visitor provides an address at checkout. I can’t figure out how to make this happen.

    Can someone please advise? All the shopify stores seem to have this option by default. Am I just missing something easy?

  • You can do something like this to show shipping fee to customers with a selected address only.
    {if !isset($cart->id_address_delivery) || !$cart->id_address_delivery}{l s=‘Shipping calculated at checkout’}{/if}

  • Hi @x97wehner , this is a nice idea, but if you are / sell to the EU, you have to think about the new Anti-Geoblocking rules, which will come in December 2018. Maybe it is mandatory then to tell the customer the shipping costs when he puts items in the shopping cart (latest in the 1. step in checkout).

  • @drmasterchief Thanks. I’ll worry about that when we get there. As of today, TB is displaying the wrong amount for people not in the default country. I’d rather hide it until they advise their country than show them the incorrect amount.


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