Thirty Bees 1.0.7 Full Page Cache Errors

  • Hi, I’ve upgraded to 1.0.7, and try to play around with cache. when enable Full Page Cache I get this error on category page, newproducts, bestseller, etc.

    Warning: math: parameter nbItemsPerLine: is not numeric in /vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/plugins/function.math.php on line 68
    Notice: Undefined index: totModulo in /cache/smarty/compile/2a/85/52/2a85522b01515162fcaa9a0c531e18c099c2fe50.file.product-list.tpl.php on line 147
    Notice: Trying to get property 'value' of non-object in /cache/smarty/compile/2a/85/52/2a85522b01515162fcaa9a0c531e18c099c2fe50.file.product-list.tpl.php on line 147

    homepage and product page work fine. 1.0.6 no error when enable Full Page Cache. any clue what this errors means?

    I’m using warehouse theme

  • FPC does not really work. I suggest you to disable it completely for the time being.

  • @datakick thanks for the clarification 🙂


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