Migrate Prestashop to a new thirtybees installation

  • I have used a prestashop module from presto-changeo to create a backup of our prestashop 1.6 and then upgraded that to thirtybees. It shows I could have some problems (not least two major modules we use, a quoting system and m4pdf)

    So I need to work harder at this. Now, our prestashop is quite old. It has had so many themes, modules, upgrades that it is full of rubbish. I want to start again

    What I would like to be able to do is

    1. Create a brand new thirtybees installation locally on my windows 10 laptop
    2. Copy into that installation all of our customer data and product details, images etc. Maintaining all order details, passwords, customer service records etc
    3. Modify and test thirtybees to get it exactly how we need it, while periodically update the tables with the new customer and product details so it is kept up to date
    4. When we are satisfied thirtybees will do what we need, move all the files and databases across to our current installation

    Is there a way to do this ?

  • @lesley I saw that, but it looks to be a single one off process. Once it is done you can’t use the source site any more.

    I would need to continue using the source site until I was certain we had thirtybees working just how we wanted it do, then the flick the switch.

    How do we talk to the developers? It seems contact on the shop is direct to shop staff not module devs?

  • I do not think you are right about that since it needs a target and a source shop. I could be wrong though, you might send them an email to ask them.

  • I will mention them, it might get them to comment here, @Araz

  • @lesley said in Migrate Prestashop to a new thirtybees installation:


    As part of the process (I saw a vid on prestashop) you add the source URL. If all the UrL’s are kept the same after migration then surely the original store is nomore? I can’t see contact details on the module page though. Do you know how to get their contact details?

  • I will pm them to you.

  • Dear Ron Taylor,

    Thank you for contacting MigrationPro Support Team!
    Regarding the errors you get, can you give us more details and screenshots?

    1. RE: I recommend you install TB to the online environment.
    2. RE: Using our module you can migrate this kind of data.
    3. After the migration process, you can do the modification on the migrated data. I mean you can do whatever you want

    We remain at your disposal for any questions.
    Have a good day
    Araz - MigrationPro

  • So it looks like the module does not do quite what we need (thanks for the support @Araz)

    It is more on a one off migration

    It will do 1 & 2 on this list, but really the 3 & 4 are more important

  • I used the migrationpro module, and it does the job !
    You can once import all data, later you can run it again and add the new data
    OR you can import all data again and choose to make a table empy before import.

    It’s a very nice module, unfortunately there’s a problem with this module,
    if you read this post, you know more.


    Ik hope migrationpro will quickly bring a solution for Thirty Bees…

  • @cdwebman
    Thanks, I must be being thick because I just don’t understand.

    I checked the module installation video and it seems to use the URL of the existing shop and therefore 30bees becomes live instantly

    So lets say the prestashop in on website.com

    1. Create a subdomain (30bees.websitecom) and install freshcopy of 30bees
    2. Install migrationpro on 30bees.website.com
    3. Import all data and stock from prestashop to 30bees.website.com using the module but keep the URL’s as they are
    4. Website.com is still active
    5. 30bees.website.com can be configured and tested until 30bees is exactly as required
    6. when 30bees is spot on run the module again, this time instruct to switch the URLS
    7. 30bees.website.com magically becomes website.com with all data and url’s maintained

    So how are all the files from 30bees.website.com moved to website.com?

    I would love to see an isntruction manual showing how this works. The details on the module page do not convince me

  • I do it this way :
    I use Direct Admin, and create on a second server an user with the same name, and same website as on server 1 where the PrestaShop is live
    With FTP i upload all files from TB
    For the domain website.com i create an ALIAS with the name : web-testsite.com
    I install everything in the URL with web-testsite.com and migrate all data with MigrationPro
    There i am building the shop, and adjust everything what my customer wants.
    When building the shop is finish, i want to use MigrationPro again, and import everything from the old PrestaShop to the new TB shop.
    After that, i can change the DNS to server2, and in the config files and table from Thirty Bees, i change the url to from web-testsite.com to website.com
    In my specific case now i want the new TB shop back on the Original server, so i don’t change the DNS, but do an Admin backup on server2 from the new TB shop.
    on the Original server ( Server1) i delete all directory and database content, and do a restore from the Admin backup from server2
    After that change the config and table from TB from web-testsite.com to website.com

    In yours example there are 2 solutions :

    1. You can change in the apache config file the Root Directory for website.com to the rootdirectory from your test-url ( 30bees.website.com )
      and change the config file and table from TB for the url change.
    2. You can delete all files in website.com and move or FTP the new TB files to website.com and import the database to website.com
      Also change the config file and url in the Thirty Bees table from 30bees.website.com tot website.com

    After this, you might have to clear the Cache in TB ??

    The “bug” in MigrationPro is still there, and breaks some other things in TB, but you can run the migration,
    and after the migration just delete that directory in /modules and than everything keeps work fine.
    if you need MigrationPro again, just FTP the files back.

    but i hope MigrationPro will fix this soon…

    p.s. I also wanted an clean install because it’s a migration from PrestaShop 1.4.6 and i didn’t like to update that to PS 1.6
    also ik like clean installs more 🙂

  • I’m not 100% sure if we are talking about the same module ?
    I used : https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/8934-migrationpro-prestashop-upgrade-and-migrate-tool.html
    and Lesley mentioned :

    If it’s the same module, better buy it at Thirty Bees, because it’s 10$ more cheap than buy it on addons PrestaShop… !

  • The issue I think is that you want to send things to your current live site at the end, that is not how to do this process. You need to replace your live site with your new dev site at the end.

  • That’s exactly what i do, but i wrote it more detailed and described also more possibilities.

    But haylau thinks that the module, send (after the test-shop is finished) all files and data back to the Original shop url,
    and that’s not how it works.
    Replacing is MANUAL work, and doesn’t go automatic by that migrationpro module.

  • Thanks for all the replies. I think I am starting to get to grips with the process. I am just nervous as we don’t want to loose SEO., but have a lot of testing to do with live data because I don’t think all our modules will work. That is why I want a fresh install to give those modules the best chance of working

    So this works:
    Create a brand new installation of 30bees
    Migrate all data into it from prestashop
    play with 30bees to get it right
    When 30bees is good to go migrate data from prestashop again
    using ftp delete the prestashop files and move the 30bees files across to the home folder. Sort out the config files and URL in database (if I have installed 30bees originally on a subdomain then the database will not need moving at all?, just the config file to point to it

  • @haylau
    Yes, it might look complex, but this is all ! 🙂

    I think now you see it clear, and you won’t have to worry. 🙂

    Of course : before deleting the PrestaShop files, make sure you have a backup from the PS webshop,
    if anything goes wrong, you can always go back !

  • Dear all,

    You want to upgrade your current shop version to latest version. Our module upgrades the shop so secure and safe way. Our module never and never makes any changes in your current shop. You only need to create the new, empty, fresh TB with the latest version in the new server or subfolder in the current server.

    The first way (installing the shop current server):

    1. Create subfolder under name “new_shop” or “shop1.x” and etc.
    2. Install the latest version of TB to this folder. And be sure that the new shop accessible via URL.
      For example, your current shop URL is “https://your_shop_name.com”, the new shop must accessible with that: “https://your_shop_name.com/subfolder_for_new_shop”
    3. Install the main module in this new shop.
    4. Navigate the module page. Inside it, you will find a connector module. Download it.
    5. Install this connector module to the main shop (shop that you are using now under “https://your_shop_name.com” domain).
    6. Navigate the main modules configuration page.
      6.1) You will see the URL field.
      6.2) The first URL field you must put your main shop URL (the shop that you have installed the connector module. “https://your_shop_name.com” it is your main shop URL).
      You can use the video guide:

    That`s all. Now click “Next” button. You will see the configuration page. If you have any question or you have some error, please inform us. We are ready to help you!
    Araz - MigrationPro

  • @cdwebman First all of them, I want to thank you for using our module and for your “bug” report we will update our module ASAP!


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