Message on Home Page Only

  • Hi Using latest version of TB 1.0.7
    How can I go about writing a message on the home page. It’s like a intro of what is what my site is about

    The only way I could do it was to use HTML Box ,which worked fine up until I discovered it was breaking under mobile pages the way I was forced to use it …

    As you can see the top line is to the right ,then the next line is correct ,then mobile works .I was forcing spaces to get it to line up centre but it breaks in mobile view
    How can I go about making it all central… I’ve tried html coding central and that doesn’t work.

    Or is there another solution I can try and use … I tried content box but that is on all pages and I think did the same thing


  • I use the Panda theme’s custom content block for that.

  • Is there a download for it so I can see if it works please

  • Eventually found a home page module …Although still had the same issue ,but managed to over come this with a full stop which is virtually un-noticed . So it now works on all variations of screens


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