Customer Service Emails

  • Same problems as with prestashop 1.6 I think

    1. If a customer uses the contact us form to send a message they can add an attachment. When we reply we can’t add an attachment

    2. If we initiate the thread from the customer order page we can’t add an attachment, but more importantly the email we send does not have a click here to reply link. So if customers just reply to the email can;t be seen in PS / 30bees

    3. If a customer sends an email to the support email address either initially of from point 2 above then we can use IMAP to bring the email into the store message system - BUT the IMAP does not fetch the email subject (not too imortant) but does not fetch email attachments (very imortant)

    We are new to using customer service as we normlaly use external messaging systems but I am trying to integrate everything. Does my above analysis sound correct. Is this anticipated behaviour or bugs?

  • Any thoughts?


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