2 Sets of Attributes

  • Today I tried to add 2 sets of attributes 2 a single product.
    But I keep getting this message
    This combination does not exist for this product. Please select another combination.
    and no add to cart button.
    I’ve turn off all modules ,cleared cache in case that was at fault
    I searched for prestshop errors on this and most say they can’t see anything wrong
    Any help appreciated

  • go to the product and set the quantity

  • Oh sorry I knew there was something I missed while writing …All of them have got a quantity … I learnt that on the first few attributes I did

  • You mean you have created a product set of 2 products?
    I’m not sure now, but I think that might be related to the ASM (Advanced Stock Management).

  • Not sure what you mean. But If I have 1 set of attributes everything is fine ,as soon as I add a 2nd set of attributes this message happens
    ATM have Stone Colour and Clan Name
    Stone Colour only has 6 items attached to it but Clan Name has 100 + Names attached here’s the link ( I don’t like sharing live links in forums …just remove spaces )
    www. pewterjewellery. co. uk/gift-sets/4-piece-clan-gift-set#/10-stone_colour-cairngorm/33-clan_name-cambell_of_cawdor

  • Can you take a screen shot of the attributes page in the back office. I want to see how they are added.

  • As far as I can see you have 6 stone colors and 126 clam names. But you have assigned them separately. So you have 6 “combinations” with one stone color attribute and 126 “combinations” with one clan name attribute - resulting in a total of 132 “combinations”.

    What you should have are 6x126=756 combinations that each have both one stone color AND one clan name attribute.

  • Thanks … I’ve looked a bit deeper and if you look at both pictures despite it saying stone colour if you edit it it says Clan name
    @musicmaster I tried separating them but they always ended up in the same column which is why I thought it to be correct. SO is this wrong
    @lesley As the attributes were so long I just took a screen shot of the bottom part where both sets are located
    If I have done it incorrect I apologise. I was just going though as I thought it to be right

  • mmmmmmmmmm I deleted a colour and re-entered it using The Combinations Generator and all the attributes have changed to how @musicmaster said they should and it now works correctly …Although have no idea how I did it

  • when you have several attributes its the best way to make the attributes with the generator otherwise its possible you miss some combinations.

    I always do this this way, and when some combinations are not possible i delete those manually

  • thanks , will keep that in mind , as yes the first time I did it I used the generator ,then added the colours manually … Again Zencart thinking has got me into trouble

  • Every time you touch the generator the quantities of those new combinations are zero-ed… Keep that in minde. It doesn’t matter that you had them with available stock just few clicks ago, the patform does them like brand new combo.

  • Thanks…Also explains why I had to redo all of them manually after


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