• Does thirty bees, support translation for danish language, i mean like in prestashop, where 90% of it is translated in danish, or would i have to do it manually, by translating every word from English to danish?

  • I can see that Danish is translated to 82 %. I am sure the team would love if you joined and helped with the rest. I am soon ready with the Swedish myself

  • I went to have a look at the Japanese translation but the project on crowdin is suspended currently. When I click on something to have a look it says, “The project you are trying to translate is currently suspended. We recommend you to contact the project owner for more information.”

    It seems the project owner is @lesley, so maybe you could have a look?

    (I do speak/read/write Japanese but I’m not sure if I will be able to contribute enough time right now to make significant progress.)

  • Yes, still suspended. I can access the page you linked to but as soon as I click on any of the files listed I get the “project suspended” message.

  • It should be back up now, apparently they had a glitch with our open source account.

  • Yes, all seems fine now. I’ll start working through the JA modules bit by bit.

    Is anyone else working on JA? I see a small percentage of translations have been “approved”, is this inherited from PS or…?

  • @mdekker, I can help with the Danish translation, if @unica-e-shop did not volunteer to become a proofreader 😉

  • I just translated the whole back office and error messages in Bulgarian. Front office, pdf, and email templates are not priority for me at the moment.
    Just to inform that there are many mentions of presta shop in the translations. Also that message “No duplicates found. Good job” in the duplicate URLs menu doesn’t translate although I translated it.
    How could I download the translations and upload them here? When I export a language there is just option for language and theme. Does the exported file includes the translated backoffice and error messages in it?

  • I translated it through the back office because crawdin doesn’t give me option to live view the changes and it is too hard to translate it when some words have more than 1 meaning …

  • I read somewhere that the team is looking into contextual translation. But I have not heard more

  • There will be a next version also

  • Aaand. Should I export the translations through the back office or just upload the php files from the translation folder?

  • @mdekker My Crowdin username is elund

  • When I was translating Thirty bees through the back office I saw that all thirty bees related texts were filled in English in the translation field also. That makes it impossible the system to detect missing translations and the only way to find them is by browsing all the fields … It would be nice to leave the translation fields blank and that way the system will inform for missing translations. I am asking because I saw some new features are added in the new release which will need translation.

  • This is weird, because there is just one way that this could happen. Did you copy the English translation in the translations section of the Back Office into your language translations? Just by accident?

    What is btw the language you want to translate?
    Did you check if your language is 100% translated at Crowdin?

  • I checked it earlier on crowdin but it is not convenient for me to translate it there. I translated just the back office and error messages in Bulgarian and I never copied anything. All the missing translations were missing I believe from ps and all new or changed translations from thirty bees were both - the English and Bulgarian in English.

  • Ok, seems to be a misconfiguration of your server.

    English: English translations, normal behavior
    Bulgarian: translated currently 88%, approved translations 0 %. Whatever, translations should be imported and untranslated fields left blank. This would be the normal behavior.
    Didn’t you try to update your language in the translations section? It works for me on my test environment (BO currenly just 72 of 5266 Bulgarian translations missing / error message 28 of 860)
    Prestashop 1.6.1x Bulgarian translations btw are 100% complete.

  • It’s wamp server on my home network. Unfortunately I am moving and am not able to check anything with the configuration …
    There were missing translations yes, but all those with mentions of thirty bees for example and new features like duplicate urls were both in English. That way the system shows just the missing translations, if you search for thirty bees text in all translations you will see what I mean. You are checking in crowdin for those approved translations and I used back office translations tool, I offered to upload the translations but no one seems to be interested …
    I don’t know if it is 100% translated in ps, I didn’t checked it. I thought it is same translation package … it makes sense now why all translations seemed google translated. I wouldn’t spent week of my life to translate everything if I knew 🙂

  • This is why I asked to activate the Crowdin Search & Replace feature. But it seems they wouldn’t listen. Upload feature is usually linked to proof reading rights.
    However, just word-for-word-translations without being able to use Crowdin’s advanced features makes no sense. I left the tb project on Crowdin.


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