How to upgrade from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 with manual code update?

  • I’d prefer to deploy the code from my own git repo, since I may have some code changes periodically. Can somebody suggest the proper way to migrate DB only for the upgrade? Thanks!

  • A Git repo doesn’t stop you from doing an upgrade. Just upgrade and commit all the changes.

    Before doing so I’d make a DB backup and commit this backup file to allow rolling back later. A git history isn’t of much worth if you don’t have a matching database.

    For myself I use a Git repo filled with distributed files. Like

             \             \             \
              \             \             \--L''--L''--L''--L''--L''   <= life site
               \             \ ---L'---L'---L'---L'---L'

    1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2, … unmodified installations made from distribution ZIP, then upgraded for each release.
    B = database backup, backup file committed into the repo.
    L = local code changes

    For each release I create a new branch on the previous unmodified installation, upgrade, then make a copy of the branch with previous local changes and rebase that to the new release. Sometimes a straight rebase is too complex, then I cherry-pick commit by commit from the previous branch, adjusting them as needed.

    All this requires to understand a Git repo not as a backup tool or dump yard, but as a tool allowing to build code like with Lego bricks (one brick = one commit), allowing to copy and move commits as needed. Reading up on ‘topic branches’ and on how to rebase them is a good starter.

    P.S.: 1.0.2 isn’t released, yet. I put it into the graph for illustration purposes.

  • For 1.0.1 you can find the file action list (file changes) here:

    the database changes are in the patch scripts repo:

    Note that the sql files are leading and are executed in order (1.0.1, 1.0.2, etc.). They can call the PHP scripts with arguments via the code comments you see (prefixed with php:)


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