Order currency vs shop standard currency

  • On Prestashop I had several currencies like EUR und USD. The main shop currency is set to EUR. If a customer used USD, it was only displaying the prices in USD, the order itself was always in EUR. If paypal was used, the payment was done in EUR.

    Now in TB 1.0.7 changing the currency in front office during the ordering process changes also the order currency - customer is advised to pay in USD, if paypal used I get USD amount, which I need to convert in EUR. Paypal has very bad exchange rates, I am loosing my money! I do not want this. How can I change it back, accept the easiest way to deactivate all another currencies?

  • On the payments page, set the currency restriction of the module to the shops default currency.

  • As expected it only defines if payment module is available for the given currency or not. After setting it to EUR the respecive payment module is not shown for a order in a USD. Any ideas? I guess I am not the one facing this issue, this is a general topic applicable for everybody.


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