Few bugs I found so far

    1. Not exactly a bug but theme configurator social links all point to prestashop.
    2. When enable Customer reassurance block it breaks the front office footer.
    3. When I hit configure of thirty bees updater module nothing happens ?!? May be it is supposed to be this way …
    4. When I add a product associated with home page I can’t open it. When I try to associate default product with just home category it is same situation. But interesting is when I try to associate the product again with home + other category the product page still can’t open. @mdekker told that it is beta version bug but I am on 1.0.0 and still face the same issue. May be it is just me not doing something …
      Here is picture of the broken link:
      0_1487433678669_home product bug.jpg
    5. When I hit F12 on IE and than debugger tool on 10 and 11 line of code there is just Prestashop meta information if that matters for you. For me it doesn’t 🙂

  • I discovered a few mistakes. Creating a new CMS pages, lead to 404 error, when you create a category CMS pages as well lead to 404. It is also not able to create products “Update Error object. Manufacturer ()”. I’m not a professional, I work as a regular prestashop.

  • Did you enable the clean URLs option, @Andrey ?

  • @moy2010
    Initially it was included. I disconnected and turned on and the page url friendly cms earned but kategirii pages still do not work.

  • @mdekker
    Thank you. Categories and pages CMS work without problems! Just by adding the manufacturer has no problems. Partially earned simpleblog.

  • I don’t have much time lately but any one tested the default theme on smartphone? When you enter category the last thing you could find
    at the bottom are the products, please check it. I think all those are unnecessary, and the grid list view which does nothing on smartphone etc.
    One Page Checkout module https://addons.prestashop.com/en/express-checkout-process/6841-one-page-checkout-for-prestashop.html Which is must have module for every one has some incompatibility with TB mail chimp module. When I uninstall mail chimp module I can install opc module and it has some issues with the CSS of the default theme… I may upload pictures if necessary if any one plan to use it with the default theme.
    @mdekker please check the above 🙂

  • Sure, I will upload some pictures tomorrow and will try to give more detailed description.

  • Please check picture of the phone view of the default theme. From left to right look how much you have to scroll to actually reach the products in the category you browse. And what about grid/list view, is it necessary to have it ? I think when I enter a category I should be able to browse its products not all that listed useless information. I know that some may be removed from the back office but I am not sure if everything could be hidden from the mobile version0_1489170102479_Untitled-1.jpg

    And here is the error I get when I try to install the OPC module I told you above:

    [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :C:\WAMP\www\bees\modules\mailchimp\classes\MailChimp\MailChimp.php:
    Uncaught Exception: Invalid MailChimp API key `` supplied. in C:\WAMP\www\bees\modules\mailchimp\classes\MailChimp\MailChimp.php:66 Stack trace: #0 C:\WAMP\www\bees\modules\mailchimp\mailchimp.php(507): MailChimpModule\MailChimp\MailChimp->__construct(false) #1 C:\WAMP\www\bees\modules\mailchimp\mailchimp.php(818): MailChimp->importList(Array) #2 C:\WAMP\www\bees\modules\mailchimp\mailchimp.php(868): MailChimp->addOrUpdateSubscription(Object(MailChimpModule\MailChimpSubscriber)) #3 C:\WAMP\www\bees\classes\Hook.php(779): MailChimp->hookActionObjectCustomerAddAfter(Array) #4 C:\WAMP\www\bees\classes\Hook.php(495): HookCore::coreCallHook(Object(MailChimp), ‘hookactionObjec…’, Array) #5 C:\WAMP\www\bees\classes\Hook.php(280): HookCore::execWithoutCache(‘actionObjectCus…’, Array, NULL, false, true, false, NULL) #6 C:\WAMP\www\bees\classes\ObjectModel.php(588): HookCore::exec(‘actionObjectCus…’, Array) #7 C:\WAMP\www\bees\classes\Customer.php(496): ObjectModelCore->add(true, true) #8 C:\WAMP\www\bees\modules

    That is when the mail chimp module is installed. When I uninstall it, the OPC module installs without any errors. The module has some performance issues in the front end with the default theme but it is not that important at the moment.


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