Migration Module - apc_cache_info()

  • After installation I get:

    [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/genzo/public_html/classes/cache/CacheApc.php:
    Call to undefined function apc_cache_info()

    Is this my problem or a bug?

  • Might be related to the change of functions in apc>v5… Can you switch off your apc before you migrate your store. Also you can disable all cache during this period to see if this (or any other) cache error will come up.

  • Thanks, but I don’t even use APC Cache…

    Deleting class_index.php doesn’t help as well.

  • You use right? That version came with a few broken cache files. These cache files are being used by the module to determine whether caching should be disabled before migrating, but this situation just sucks tbh 😕

    Let’s see if we can scan without instantiating the classes.

  • No I am on…

  • @mdekker I should just wait right?

  • The problem is solved: thx @lesley

    What I had to do: Going to performance tab->at the bottom switch cache on->select file system and save->switch off cache again!

  • The same thing happened to me as well. Enabling file system caching and then turning it off again got me through the problem.

    Maybe something that can be improved in the future since it is very confusing to get an APC error when the caching is disable.

    The reason I assume is that even though caching is off, the mode selected is still APC by default so it seems as somehow the setting for cache on/off is not respected when configuring the migration module.


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