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  • Can I ask everyone their thoughts on SEO modules and if they really do work as at the moment I don’t seem to have any Meta details for my products … Or is it better to do them all yourself
    I found this 1 (just remove the space if needed)
    codecanyon .net/item/prestashop-seo-manager/4662419?
    As when I check this is what is returned… Even if it is a quick fix till I can do them manually

  • I don’t have any experience with this specific module but generally it is best to do them yourself.
    Google does scrape this data itself from your page if none is provided.

    I wouldn’t personally spend money on such modules.
    Also, that module has not been updated since 2016.

    Is there specific functionality here you like?

  • No not really, Just didn’t have all the other stuff that most other have like friendly url’s which are already done here

  • @andyc I have that module and it’s actually pretty good. I have experienced some troubles with the cron jobs but otherwise it works fine and I like the features.

    The downside with it is that Onasusweb really suck. They tell people all the time that there will be an update soon but it’s been over 2 years since last update. They are also not very responsive to emails.

  • I do see that , been reading reviews etc and it does put me off . My choosing that was also down to cost as I only want it for a temporary solution as my next site has over 1200 products and this 1 was trying to get it going before xmas , but even a module is probably to late now

  • @AndyC
    you can test this module with my changes - its your own risk
    but if you save it -> delete number etc from name before seo… or rename it to “seopupdater zip” before you install it

  • if you want to change the length

    for description -> modules / seoupdater / seoupdater.php -> search
    /* Update product meta_description */

    					$sql .= ', `meta_description` = \''.pSQL(substr($product['description'], 0, 205)).'\' ';
    				elseif (Configuration::get('SU_META_DESCRIPTION_PRODUCT_TYPE') == 0)
    					$sql .= ', `meta_description` = \''.pSQL(substr($product['description_short'], 0, 205)).'\' ';

    change 205 to your wish characters 215,250,340 or another number

  • Thanks … I’ll try this on the weekend when I have time to spend on it in-case something goes wrong


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